Is Chris McCain Being Serious?!?

First off, I really hope that Chris McCain isn’t serious hinting that he has had Tom Brady’s number in the past. I would kind of understand a little but if he were a veteran or a perennial pro-bowler but he was signed as an undrafted free agent back in 2014 and has 4 career tackles including one sack which coincidentally was on TB12. But back the 4 career tackles, I’d just like to point out that Tom Brady has 9 career tackles. I’ll just leave that at that.

In case you didn’t see the tweets, here they are;

Mccain 2 mccain

But what I love about the picture is the first thing that it reminded me of was Brady’s reaction after Super Bowl 36.

Pats 2

So I’m going to take this as a positive and when the Patriots walk all over Miami on Thursday I’m sure McCain will have something to say postgame but Mr. Brady will act as though he never even heard about the incident. He shakes it off, he’s used to reporters proposing to him during press conferences instead of asking how he feels about a backup linebacker for the 3-3 Miami Dolphins.

PS: I hope you all life the N2K Version of the picture, that trophy is a lot harder to crush than Brady and he has four of them. #CrushTheLombardi

PPS: I also plastered our logo all over it because I felt other sites would use it, sorry for the inconvenience.

PPPS: Not really sorry at all since it was needed.


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