Jahlil Okafor Bringing More Embarrassment to the 76ers

Jahlil Okafor has had it rough the last month or so. The 76ers rookie has been involved in a couple of embarrassing events off the court. To make matters worse, Okafor is on the 0-18 76ers, which might be the most embarrassing out of the few events involving the third overall pick out of Duke. As if being 0-18 isn’t bad enough, Jahlil Okafor is bringing even more bad press to Philadelphia.

The first incident happened outside of a nightclub in Boston. Following a 76ers loss, Okafor was involved in a street fight. The altercation was apparently ignited when Okafor asked a group of girls at the nightclub for their numbers. After they declined, a fight took place. Okafor was obviously frustrated with his teams performance and couldn’t hold in his emotions. But there’s a point where you have to realize who you are and that this person isn’t worth your time. The incident in Boston seems minor compared to what happened to him in a Philadelphia night club.

In his teams home town of Philly, Okafor actually had a gun pointed to his head by a man at the nightclub. The man was heckling Okafor by saying that the 76ers were horrible and would never win a game. The rookie supposedly knocked the guy out and left the nightclub shortly after.

The final incident happened when Okafor was pulled over for going 108 mph over a bridge in Philly. Apparently, driving over 40 mph on the bridge is considered reckless. This is completely on Okafor, no heckling, no gun, just him being a dumb kid.

There’s no denying Okafor is a good talent already in the NBA. He averages 17.5 points per game, which leads all rookies. But if he wants to survive in the NBA, he needs to get his act together off the court. No matter how talented a player is, head coaches and GM’s won’t want that type of negative media surrounding them and their players. The 76ers are taking a step in the right direction with Okafor by announcing that he’ll be surrounded by a body guard from here on out. Many NBA franchises do this with star players, so the fact that the Sixers have to do this with a rookie is a bit shocking. Jahlil Okafor has all the talent to become an All-Star caliber player, but he needs to get his act together off the court if he wants to become successful in the NBA.



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