Top Five Heisman Candidates

The Heisman will be announced in just 6 days and there are no games left to prove who is the best player in the country. The race has solidified and for the next week the only thing that matters for a lucky few is their game film and stats. Here are my top 5 candidates for the Heisman.

5. Baker Mayfield: The Sooners should make it into the playoffs after winning the BIG 12 and having the week off. Mayfield has been the fire that keeps this engine going, often being used as a spark plug for the offense. Mayfield is a great passer and although not always used in high volume he can explode for yards. This year, he has 5 games with over 300 passing yards, and and 3 of those games he went for over 350, with 1 where he reached 487 yards through the air. Mayfield has also shown the ability to run the ball, going for over 40 yards in 5 games and rushing for 77 against Oklahoma State in a conference-clinching victory. Mayfield has played extremely well this season and turned the Sooners into championship contenders.

4. Ezekiel Elliott: The Buckeyes’ running back has been in the headlines lately over his comments on coaching and his touches. I, for one, cannot blame him, as he is underutilized and has the best per rush stats out of almost any back in the country. Elliott has also been extremely consistent this year going for over 100 yards in all but 1 game and scoring in every game except a win against Northern Illinois. He has played phenomenal this year being the only reliable player in Ohio State’s offense through the year, but he is held back by limited touches and his coaches affinity to put the ball in quarterback’s hands as much as possible.

3. Keenan Reynolds: Navy managed to get up to 21st in the rankings this year, thanks to star senior Keenan Reynolds. Reynolds has been the Quarterback for Navy since his freshman season and he has done special things. Navy’s offense does not pass a lot, so his numbers there are underwhelming with only 964 yards and 6 TD’s, but he only threw 1 pick. It is from a rushing standpoint where Reynolds is at his most deadliest, having gone for 19 TD’s this year and 1,092 yards. That puts him at over 2,000 yards on the season and he gained them more efficiently than almost anyone in the country. On top that, he has the record for most touchdowns in a college career. Reynolds is a star with a legitimate chance of bringing the Heisman back to the armed forces.

2. Deshaun Watson: Deshaun Watson is the quarterback of the only undefeated team this season. That’s enough alone to make a case for Heisman but watson has done more. He struggled at times early. but as the season has progressed, so has he and it’s been deadly for opponents. Watson is a gifted passer and has shown it off all year by throwing for 3,512 and 30 TD’s.  What has made Clemson and Watson such an elite talent this year is his ability to carry the ball. He is one of the better athletes at QB and takes advantage of that at an elite level. In Clemson’s last 5 games Watson has rushed for over 100 yards in 4 of them and he also has 2 more 90 yard games. Watson is the best quarterback in college football and is performing at an elite level as both a passer and runner.

1.  Derrick Henry: Alabama’s running back has been nothing short of spectacular this year.  He’s rushed for 1,986 yards and 23 TD’s both good for the top spot in college football. He has beaten down on opponents all year and his only performances that were not statistically dominating came in blowout wins against lesser opponents that he barely needed to play against. He has been ahead of the pack this year ever since the decline of Fournette and he has never looked back. He could be the back to bring the Heisman to Alabama.


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  1. TJ Tullis says:

    What about Christian McCaffrey, he just broke the all-purpose yards single-season record previously held by Barry Sanders. A huge reason as to why Stanford was as successful as they were.

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    1. Tyler Bates says:

      I agree with TJ. I think this award is Derrick Henry’s to lose. But, I don’t think enough respect is being shown for Christian McCaffrey or Keenan Reynolds (I’m talking about you, ESPN, for taking his name off the ballot). I’d personally love to see either of those two guys take home the award

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      1. I agree with Tyler and TJ, McCaffrey should definitely be at least an invite to NYC. For my money he’s Henry’s biggest challenger

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