Heisman Winner: The Case for Christian McCaffrey

Let me start by saying that I have ignored Christian McCaffrey all year, and barely watched Stanford. As the hype kept growing I started watching games and all he has done is impressed. He’s extremely talented and has a very high on field IQ. He has elite speed and quickness with a very polished game for someone so young and he is the reason Stanford won 11 games this year.
McCaffrey can literally do it all for an offense and anyone that tells you different is just dumb. He is obviously an extremely talented runner that headed the Stanford attack. He has great speed and bursts to every hole rarely getting touched until the second the level. He is too quick for defensive lineman and most linebackers and he can run over most corners. He is most talented and deadly playing for the Cardinal but it’s his all around versatility  that puts him over the top as a player. This year be broke Reggie Bush’s PAC-12 record for all purpose yards in a season, and then Barry Sanders’ NCAA  record for most all purpose yards in a season. He rushed for 1,800 yards, had over 1,000 returning yards, and over 500 receiving yards. There’s just no stopping him. The scariest part about his game to defensive coordinators is his skill as a receiver. Stanford doesn’t just have him run slip screens, instead he motions out of the backfield or comes out in an empty set and lines up either outside or in the slot and can then run any route there is. He could easily play receiver in college instead just not at the heisman level he’s at not. McCaffrey has completely changed Stanford’s offense, giving them an elite threat in the run and pass game as well as the return game. He has accounted for 15 TD’s and a total of 3,535 yards this season. McCaffrey also plays wildcat QB sometimes and also went 2-3 on the year with two of his touchdowns being passes. If none of that makes you think he’s deserving of the Heisman Trophy then who knows what will.


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