Heisman Winner: The Case for Derrick Henry

Alabama is the powerhouse when it comes to college football, and they dominate award season almost as much as they do the regular season. This year they’re looking to bring the Heisman back to Tuscaloosa behind Derrick Henry. Henry took over as the number one option this year and has done nothing but excel while he leads them to a second straight playoff berth.

Henry is a powerful running back that also posses break away speed in the open field. He has been the workhorse for Alabama’s offense this year and no one has had an answer. Henry has rushed for 1,986 yards and 23 touchdowns this year, both good for top in the country. He has rushed for 100 yards in 5 games, and for 200 in 4 games. There also has not been a game this year where he has been held under 50 yards. Alabama has lacked a consistent passing attack throughout the year and teams have been stacking the box almost every single down and still no one can stop him. Henry’s worst two games came against Louisiana Monroe and Charleston Southern, two horrible opponents where Henry only rushed nine times and 13 times. He has also played his best games when they matter most such as his Iron Bowl performance where he went for 271 yards and a touchdown or in the SEC championship when he added 189 rushing yards and another touchdown. Henry has proved week in and week out that he is the top rusher in college. He’s shown the ability to run through defenders or straight by them and he has a shot at winning another national championship for Alabama


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  1. So out of McCaffrey, Watson and Henry, who would you say is the favorite to bring home the Heisman?


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