I Stand With LeSean McCoy… Sort Of

Okay, so I wasn’t going to comment on this little LeSean McCoy-Chip Kelly fiasco. If you haven’t heard, basically McCoy doesn’t want to shake hands with Chip Kelly, the man who inexplicably traded him without warning. I didn’t think it was much more than noise, or that it was an issue that actually needed serious documentation. I guess it’s a big deal though. So here’s my take on the issue.

Let’s look at this from LeSean McCoy’s perspective first. He’s a guy that was drafted and developed by the Eagles. For all intents and purposes, he was the face of their franchise for the last couple of years of his stay in the City of Brotherly Love. He did well in Chip Kelly’s offense, either maintaining or improving his numbers in both years there. McCoy loved Philadelphia, and Philadelphia loved McCoy. He is a product of the University of Pittsburgh, and originally from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. It was home for him. Then, he gets traded for a solid linebacker that ‘just happened’ to play at Oregon. I get football is a business. I understand that McCoy makes over $11 million more per season than Kiko Alonso (who has been hurt and underperformed when healthy, by the way. Good move Buffalo).

Kelly, though, went a step further and ‘upgraded’ by signing DeMarco Murray. I’m not here to say who I think is a better running back, because that varies based on whatever system you play in. I’m just saying that Murray has royally sucked in Philly; at this point, he doesn’t even get the lion’s share of the carries. And to take it farther, he bitches to management about it instead of taking it up with his coach. McCoy, meanwhile, has been good in Buffalo. I wouldn’t say he’s his typical superstar-self. But he’s about to put in another 1,000-yard season for the Bills. He can catch and is more of a do-it-all, east-to-west back that fits better in Kelly’s system. I’d be pretty pissed too, and I don’t blame McCoy.

There are, however, two sides to every story. Whether I agree with his stupid thinking or not, Chip thought that this would be the best move to make his football team better. It’s really hard to argue with that. He definitely has a lot of pressure to lead a successful team, especially in a market like Philly. If you can, in your own mind, upgrade at running back and linebacker in one offseason, there’s no reason you shouldn’t. Yesterday, Kelly admit that he handled the trade wrong because he didn’t talk to McCoy before hand. He insists that it was a miscommunication about when the trade would actually go through. Whether you believe the man or not is a different story, but if that’s what he says, that’s what he says.

What is not acceptable is McCoy claiming that, “Kelly got rid of all the good players, especially the good black players.” Yeah, we get it- he got rid of McCoy and DeSean Jackson, and he let Jeremy Maclin walk. Hey, LeSean, ever think of other circumstances? Like, how your buddy DeSean is involved with gangs? Or how Maclin might not fit in with the run-first, short passing game style Kelly likes? I offer no explanation for trading McCoy, but when something happens that you don’t like, you can’t just go calling people racist. This was truly the first chance he got to make Philadelphia ‘his team’. And obviously, he didn’t like the pieces he already had compared to his game plan. You cannot fault the man for doing his job when you get left out. The only thing worth being upset over is how it was handled.

I see both sides, but I think McCoy is more in the right. He was the Eagles, and they really botched the handling of that trade. But, he shouldn’t just throw the word ‘racist’ around, because that’s something Chip Kelly is not. If you want to say ‘bad coach’, ‘moron’, or ‘idiot’, then yeah, fine. I definitely won’t argue with that.


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