Texas A&M losing 2 QB’s to transfer

The days of Johnny Football and the Heisman are long gone from college station, and come next season there might be no talent whatsoever at the quarterback position. Both Kyle Allen and Kyler Murray, the team’s top QB’s and former 5-star recruits, have decided to transfer. Allen sent out a tweet last tuesday announcing his decision and thanking the school. Murray tweeted his decision on yesterday. This leaves a big hole in the roster and head coach Kevin Sumlin has his work cut out for him between now and next season as he tries to find  the schools next starting quarterback.

Kyle Allen was a 5-star prospect and the top pocket passing quarterback of his class. The sophomore started off his career at A&M backing up for Kenny “Trill” Hill before he gained the starting job for the last 5 games of the season. In 2014 Allen went for 1,322 yards, 16 TD’s, and 7 interceptions. He went 3-2 on the season and heading into this year was named the starter. He went through the first 7 games this year as the starter with a 5-2 record but fell apart the last couple of games and the lost the job. He threw for 17 TD’s, 7 interceptions, and 2,210 yards on the season. He has shown flashes of his talent but while at A&M he was turnover prone and often did not look comfortable. He can still develop and could become an elite starter if he fully realizes his potential after transferring.

Kyler Murray, another former 5-star recruit, was the top dual threat QB in his class. Murray has made his decision to transfer with one game still left in his freshman season. Murray was high school phenom winning 3 Texas state championships and setting multiple records in the Texas.  People had already started to label him the next Money Manziel due to his size and playing style. Once coming to Texas A&M he lost to allen in the QB competition but saw time and eventually became the starter for 3 games before losing it to Aleen again. Murray, and his father, had voiced concern over playing time throughout the season, although while he was in the game he did nothing to really wow anyone as he only went 686 yards with 5 touchdowns and 7 picks. He did show off some of his running ability though adding almost 400 yards on the ground but he could only manage 1 TD out of it. There had been reports over promised playing time for the prized freshman during his recruitment, and if there was the promises were certainly not met. Murray is still just 18 with a ton of talent and a huge loss for the Aggies. He could easily become a top player in the college landscape and a team to look out for is in state rival the Texas Longhorns.


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