Kevin Sumlin On His Way Out?

After both Kyler Murray and Kyle Allen have announced their intentions to transfer, there have been reports that the chancellor of Texas A&M is trying to find a way to nullify the contract of head coach Kevin Sumlin. He has since come out and said that these are not true, but you cannot help but wonder how he truly feels about his coach letting two former 5-stars leave the program.This is also the second time reports have come out about Sumlin’s future in college station being uncertain.

Although there have been missteps under the Sumlin regime, if he is fired, it will be the worst move this program could make. Sumlin still has a lot of coaching in him at only 51 years old, and has experienced a good amount of success as a head coach. Sumlin came to A&M after he amassed a 35-17 record as the head coach of Houston. His first season at the helm of the Aggies was full of success, as he went 11-2, beat Alabama and coached a Heisman winner in Johnny Manziel. Since then he has gone 9-4 and 8-5, but that was mostly due to inconsistent play.

Sumlin has shown he is a great offensive mind and he knows how to get teams to score. His biggest drawback has been on defense, but there is a pretty easy solution to that. If he can find a better defensive coordinator, things could change quickly, and all of the sudden, A&M is back in the mix for an SEC championship. What will really kill this program if Sumlin is let go is the overall talent in the program will drop. Kevin Sumlin is known as one of the best recruiters in the country, and there is no disputing that. He gets 5-stars every year and has had a top-10 class recruiting class every year as head coach for the Aggies. Without that, they’ll be a bottom feeder of the SEC with little to no hope of getting back to the top. They’re in a tough situation, but letting Sumlin walk would spell big trouble.

Texas A&M would be making a huge mistake with the firing of Sumlin, and it could easily ruin the team for at least two or three years. The biggest problem of letting Sumlin go would be the possibility of having him join on with another SEC team. Not only would he know all the players and their skill sets but he would also be able to take away recruits without even thinking about it due to his immense skill. The Aggies have a huge decision to make and hopefully they do not mess it up because it could create a horrific outcome for the football team.


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