MLB Hot Stove: Keeping Up With The Joneses

Since the Winter Meetings concluded a lot of transactions took place but for the most part the stove cooled down slightly after the frenzy that happened a week ago. Marquee guys like Chris Davis and Yoenis Cespedes remain without contracts and with the trade block still healthy with names we could still see some fireworks late in the offseason.

Minor Transactions

  • The Baltimore Orioles resign relief pitcher Darren O’Day
    • O’Day cashed in for four years and $31 million to be the centerpiece of the Orioles bullpen. Originally O’Day was somebody that I wanted the Sox to acquire but I think that Boston has done wonders with their bullpen and O’Day is best fit in Baltimore.
  • The New York Mets resign immortal pitcher Bartolo Colon
    • Colon is a fan favorite in New York and a good sign for New York. Bartolo will either be a late rotation man or a bullpen member for a Mets roster that has an unbelievably strong rotation.
  • The Los Angeles Dodgers sign outfielder Daniel Nava
    • Daniel Nava was an unsung hero in the 2013 magical World Series run by the Boston Red Sox. Nava batted over 0.300 that season and had one of the most important homeruns of the season. Hitting a go-ahead homerun in the first home game after the tragic events that occurred on Patriot Day in 2013.1nava.gif
  • Brock Holt changes his number to 12
    • Holt changes his number to 12 after his previous number, 26, was announced to be retired in honor of Wade Boggs in the upcoming season. Great move by the Brockstar to change his number to 12 in New England, players with the number 12 seem to have great success.1tb12.gif

Major Transactions

  • The Chicago Cubs sign free agent Jason Heyward
    • The Cubs signed Heyward for $184 million over 8 years. The Chicago Cubs were so close to the prize last year and they are leaving ZERO doubt that they are one of the favorites to win it this year. The Cubbies fans haven’t won a title since 1908 and they don’t want to wait until they’re finally due, they went out and bolstered a World Series caliber team in the offseason.
  • The San Francisco Giants sign free agent pitcher Johnny Cueto
    • For 6 years and $130 million the Giants locked down a proven pitcher to match with Bumgarner and Samardzija. The Giants are now contenders in a very competitive NL West division but the Giants seem to win the Fall Classic every two years and if that pattern keeps up the Giants will win again this season.
  • The Chicago White Sox acquire Todd Frazier
    • This three team deal was headlined by Todd Frazier and prospect Micah Johnson. I think that the Dodgers won this deal by gaining prospects and not giving up a lot in return. Both the White Sox and the Dodgers parted with prospects but the Dodgers have a second baseman in Chase Utley with an expiration date and they now have a top second base prospect in the form of Micah Johnson to take his place when Utley hangs up the cleats for good.

Some big names found homes, while others changed scenary but although a lot has happened so far in the offseason, some big names still remain. Yoenis Cespedes and Chris Davis can change the dynamic of a team and make a bubble team into a contender so we will keep our eyes on the future of this offseason.


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