Around The NFL, Off The Field

The NFL loves off-the-field drama, and the last few days have proven no different. Since I can comment on three different stories briefly, I decided to combine them all into one post. Here you guys go- a jambalaya of stuff going on off the gridiron in the NFL.

  • Johnny Manziel is in some type of water, again. I wouldn’t say this is ‘hot water’ or anything like that, but if ESPN is commenting on it, it’s some type of deal. Pretty much there’s a video of him on social media singing along to “March Madness” in his own home. Behind him, there’s a framed Tampa Bay Buccaneers jersey with Mike Evans’ #13 on the wall. I don’t know why this is a big deal. Fine, he’s gotten in trouble for partying before. This seemed really harmless to me. Realistically, this shouldn’t even be a story, and if it wasn’t Johnny Manziel, you can bet that it wouldn’t be. Leave the guy alone- if he wants to have a good time in his own home, then by all means, let him. He could be a murderer, rapist or domestic abuser (is that how you phrase it? Domestic abuser?) like half of the other players in the NFL.
  • The San Diego Chargers are fining safety Eric Weddle $10k and sitting him down for the last game of the year for watching his younger daughter perform in the halftime show from the field. Now, I understand why people would be all up-in-arms: “He’s watching his kid perform, will you let the guy be a family man for God’s sake?” Here’s a little detail for you though- he didn’t ask for permission to watch the show and he didn’t tell anyone he planned on watching the show. I’m as human as the next guy, okay? He definitely has the right to be a dad and watch his little girl do whatever it is she was doing in the show. But he’s on the clock, especially on game day. Just think if you left the office one day without telling anyone, including your boss, to go to your kid’s recorder recital. In most places, that wouldn’t go over too well. It’s the same thing here. San Diego’s season is lost and meaningless at this point, and Weddle is probably bouncing from there in the offseason, anyway. But for now, he still works for the Chargers and he still has to ask for permission. I think $10k is harsh, but if he runs it by the coach, I doubt there’s a huge problem anyway.
  • I’m a couple days late on this part… yeah, whatever. I didn’t get a chance to see Peyton Manning speak on ESPN Sunday morning, but I did get a chance last night while Sean, TJ, Kevin and I were working on a collaboration article to be released in the coming days. If you’re a slacker like me, and you haven’t seen #18 speak on the allegations of human growth hormone use against him, you can see it hereYou may or may not have seen my post on Manning from a few days ago. Since I’m an American and I actually believe in innocence until proven guilt, I won’t condemn Manning of using HGH. I think it’s sickening how ESPN refuses to put as much coverage on this incident as they did on DeflateGate since Manning is their Golden Boy. I think it’s awful how the NFL posted a picture yesterday of Peyton and his son before the game in a complete and obvious attempt at painting a pretty picture (is that a pun? If so, not intended) of the quarterback. But regardless of all of that, I believe Peyton Manning, just like I believed Tom Brady. I don’t think he’s ever given me any reason to not believe him. I think his background shows that he is a person of high morality. And just hearing what he was saying and how he said it just made me believe him. Just because I hate him as a football player doesn’t mean that I don’t sympathize with him. I hope he’s not making a fool out of me, but I buy what Peyton Manning said, and I will put it in writing that I don’t think he used human growth hormone at any point.

Off the field stuff can be so stupid sometimes. And frankly, all of these things are stupid too. I mean, we’ve got like actual, real-world problems on our hands (like Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton being the two favorites to run the country, for starters).Trump.gif

But here I am, writing about it. So I guess I’m the sucker, right?


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