Will Fuller Declares For 2016 Draft

According to multiple sources, Notre Dame junior receiver Will Fuller will enter the NFL Draft this year, forgoing his senior season in South Bend. Originally, Fuller said that he was going to stay with Notre Dame. This season, he was just shy of 1,300 yards with 14 touchdowns.

Over the last two seasons, no man in college football has caught more touchdowns. He was Notre Dame’s MVP this season. In his last game against Ohio State, Fuller had 6 catches for 113 yards and a touchdown.

Typically, I’d be really really pissed off about this. I mean, he did say he was going to stay. I think that really changes how the Irish will look offensively, because this means that Torii Hunter Jr. is all of the sudden the best receiver currently on the roster. However, it’s different with Will Fuller. He was clutch. He busted his ass day in and day out. And he was one of my favorite players on this team. Standing at 6’ even, he’s a legitimate threat on the outside who can stretch the field. Fuller’s hands can be spotty at time, but he’s quick, and a rare player that can turn something out of nothing. I don’t think Fuller gets enough credit for how good he is with the ball in his hands in the open field; #7 is excellent at picking up yards after the catch.

Mel Kiper Jr. has him at #6 in his wide receiver rankings, but I think that’s extremely low and disrespectful to a player as talented as Fuller. If he can improve his catching (which isn’t as bad as people make it out to be, but he has his fair share of bad drops), he will improve any team that he’s on. Fuller would be a good fit on most teams, especially in New England. Hometown and favorite team biases aside, I think Fuller can fill the void that Randy Moss left when he was traded. I’m not saying Fuller is Moss by any stretch, but their talent and strengths are similar.Fuller #1.gif

Regardless of rankings right now, which can fluctuate by April and realistically don’t matter anyways, I see Fuller as a pick in the first two rounds of the draft, especially in a class that I see as weak. The only guy I can comfortably say is better than Fuller is Ole Miss star Laquon Treadwell.

I don’t expect Will Fuller to ever see this post, but I want to wish him the absolute best of luck in his future. I’ll miss seeing him in blue and gold, and I expect him to be a great player. Thanks for the memories #7.


Cover photo courtesy of YouTube.

GIFs courtesy of thebiglead.com, nonreinforcement3.rssing.com, and templefootballforever.wordpress.com, in no particular order.


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