2016 Baseball Hall of Fame Recap

The 2016 Baseball Hall of Fame Ballot is in and we have some new additions to Cooperstown. Ken Griffey Jr was elected at 99.32% ONLY THREE BALLOTS DIDN’T HAVE HIM ON IT but was anybody really surprised?

The Inductees

Ken Griffey Jr

With a blistering 99.32% The Kid is now immortalized in the Hall. The craziest thing is to just imagine if Junior stayed healthy throughout his career? Would that percentage be over 100%? Would he have hit over 1,500 home runs? Yes and yes. Congrats to Ken Griffey Jr and for the first time in MLB history a 1st overall pick has been inducted into the Hall of Fame. Griffey Jr sets the record for highest percent of ballots ever, beating Tom Seaver’s 98.8%.

Mike Piazza

Piazza is kind of the opposite of Griffey Jr, one plays outfield while one plays catcher, one was fast while one was slower than molasses, and one was the 1st overall pick while one was the 1,390th overall pick drafted by Lasorda as a favor to Mike Piazza’s father in the 62nd round. Either way, however different the two are, they are both in Cooperstown. Piazza squeaked by with around 83% but the percentage doesn’t matter because 100% or 75% doesn’t make you more or less of a Hall of Famer.

The Highway Robberies

Barry Bonds

This guy won seven MVP awards, he has 762 career home runs. Bonds had already won three MVP awards before his alleged PED use, and he was making a strong case for Cooperstown as is. Barry Bonds’s HoF case is an article for another day. Bonds received 44.3% of ballots.

Roger Clemens

Seven Cy Youngs, AND the 1986 AL MVP award. Clemens on two occasions struck out 20 batters in one game. A bunch of Clemens’s accomplishments occurred before his alleged PED use and his late 1980s and early 1990s statistics should speak for themselves. Clemens finished with 45.2% of ballots which is a good sign for his voting future.

The “Not Quite”s

Tim Raines

Many people think that next year will be the year for Raines and he just missed the 75% with a total of  69.8% of ballots. To be honest I was not expecting Raines to get that much, maybe push 60% of the ballots. Raines was a fantastic table setter and if not for Rickey Henderson, he might’ve been the best leadoff hitter of his era. Leadoff hitters typically don’t get a bunch of respect due to their lack of RBI opportunities and power numbers but Raines has showed that he was the best for the number one spot in the lineup. Clearly the Hall of Fame voters will have to agree with that if Raines wants his destiny to change next year.

Jeff Bagwell

The steroid use threat without evidence seems to keep Bags out of the Hall. Bagwell has always furiously denied any steroid allegations and I for one, believe every word he says. The Boston native ended his career with just shy of 500 dingers and a 0.297 average. BagPipes got pushed close to Cooperstown receiving 71.6% of the votes and Houston fans are rejoicing everywhere. Biggio was inducted last year and now Bagwell will be elected soon, on top of a playoff contender in the form of their current squad. Good day to be a Houston fan if you look at the silver lining.

Edgar Martinez

I thought that the first DH in the Hall of Fame would be Boston’s beloved Big Papi and I’m correct so far as this DH/3B Edgar Martinez barely misses out receiving 43.4% of ballots. It is sure music to the ears of Seattle fans everywhere as this lifelong Mariner gets closer to the Hall since many thought this guy wouldn’t get the respect needed for Cooperstown. Gar clubbed over 300 homers and over 2,000 hits and now he’s working his way into immortality.


Nomar Garciaparra

NOOOOOOOOO, I DEMAND A RECOUNT OF THE VOTES, FLORIDA HAD SOME MESSED UP HOLE-PUNCHING SYSTEM OR SOMETHING, getting under 5% of the vote with 1.8% of the ballots. We’ve folded our cards and it is a sad, sad day for Red Sox Nation. Retire his number anyways, eh? Nomar was better than A-Rod and better than Jeter for a short few years around 2000 while managing to stay out of steroid trouble for the most part. While he was never formally accused the murmurs were always present. Nomar played the game with class and if you ask me he didn’t use steroids.

Next Year’s Big Names

Ivan Rodriguez

Vladimir Guerrero

Manny Ramirez

Jorge Posada

Jason Varitek

Tim Wakefield

Magglio Ordoñez

Cover photo from Salute Mag


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