Top 5 C Prospects

It is time to finally wrap up the offensive line prospects. Centers are almost never first round picks and they barely warrant a second round rick in most drafts but they are leaders among the line. This year’s crop is one of the better in recent years and could possibly see two centers in the second round with a good amount receiving third and fourth round grades. Here are N2K’s top five center prospects


  1. Ethan Pocic: The top prospect among this years group, Pocic has done a great job opening up holes for Leonard Fournette this year. He has shown that he can be relied on in both the run and pass game throughout his career and as only a true junior he’s still a young prospect. His biggest problem is that he could become more violent at the point of attack but that should naturally change as he adds on more weight and matures with age. He is taller than most center prospects which could warrant a position change but that is doubtful due to the skill he has shown while being in charge of the middle of the line.
  2. Max Tuerk: Tuerk is the most athletic of the prospects. Before going down to a knee injury. He is extremely quick and has fast hands. He is a very good pass blocker and he has improved his run blocking ability over the last couple of years. The biggest concern over him is still his run blocking though as scouts feel NFL defensive lineman will be able to overpower him if he does not get good hand placement. He has great potential and has a higher ceiling than the other prospects but his injury could cause him to slide in the draft
  3. Nick Martin: Martin played very well for the Irish this year and has NFL ties in his brother Zack Martin, the starting guard for the Dallas Cowboys. Martin has shown sound technique and specializes in pass protection. He has shown the footwork and abilities needed to be a good run blocker he just has to tie it all together. He is a good prospect but may not see the field right away because he has to add on a couple pounds before consistently taking on NFL talent
  4. Jack Allen: Allen is an extremely polished player. He has great technique in both the run and pass game. His hand placement is great and footwork is near perfect most games. He is also praised as a leader for Michigan State. He has the makings of a great prospect except that he is undersized and a subpar athlete. He could make up for the athleticism with his technique which he has done but as of right now he is just too small to take on NFL defensive lineman
  5. Mike Mathews: Mathews has played sound for Texas A&M throughout his career and has rarely messed up. He also has NFL ties in his brother Jake Mathews. Mathews is a better pass blocker right now but scouts believe as he adds weight he could become a very good run blocker. He is a bit of a project but if he can reach his potential he could be a very good starter some day.

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