N2K Exclusive Interview With Ohio State Linebacker Cam Williams

As all of you college football fans know by now, my heart was broken (yet again) by the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame on New Year’s Day. This time, it came at the hands of the Ohio State Buckeyes, but I have to admit, I was okay with this loss.  

One member of the Buckeyes is Cam Williams, a senior linebacker who has graduated with a degree in communications. It was the last game he played in red and silver. Cam went to high school with me, though he was older by a few years. When I reached out to him a few months back, he agreed to do an interview with N2K Sports. I was surprised, but then I wasn’t. Aside from being a great player, Cam has always been an exemplary person, which is so much more important than anything on the gridiron. He leaves behind a legacy at Ohio State as a member of a senior class that won 50 games over four years, including victories in the Orange Bowl, National Championship and Fiesta Bowl (in that order).

This interview is the first of its kind conducted by N2K Sports, and I’m happy that it’s with a winner in every sense of the word.


Let’s turn back the clock to your freshman year. What was the biggest eye-opener in the first full-squad practice?

The biggest eye opener was how competitive practice was. I thought of practices in high school as a chance to get better with drills and light competition. But once I got to OSU, practices felt like a game. Between the pressure, intensity and soreness, I was really surprised with college level practices.

You’ve obviously enjoyed many wins and many great experiences while at Ohio State. Other than the National Championship win, what was your favorite on-the-field memory as a Buckeye?

My favorite win other than the National Championship game was my sophomore year when we won in Ann Arbor after they failed a two-point play. To play in that kind of environment against our rival was really fun and memorable. That win is one that I will remember forever.

Coach Urban Meyer is, without a doubt, one of the premier coaches in our generation. How do you think he stacks up all-time for greatest coach’s college football?

I know I am biased, but I think he is one of the top three coaches of all time. I think as a coach he is exceptional, but also the way he treats his players on and off the field is what separates him. He has a balance where he is a great football coach, but he is also a great person to help you get a job after football and a great mentor.

Coach Meyer consistently brings in top-ranked recruiting classes each and every year, which is a huge part of why his team is successful. What makes him so good at convincing players that his team is the right one for them?

Coach Meyer is a salesman, but he is also at the greatest place in the world, which is easy to sell. I came to OSU because I knew that I would become the best version of myself on and off the field. Coach Meyer demands that everyone involved in his program to be the best at their trait in the country. From the nutrition staff, academic counselors, to the coaches. He demands excellence and he sells that to recruits and their parents.

I feel like it’s kind of hard to ask you who your favorite teammate has been at Ohio State. So instead, who would you say has been the most influential teammate you’ve played with at Ohio State?

It is impossible for me to pick one because so many have been so influential. But all together the linebacker unit has been a group of guys that have changed my life. We each come from all over the country with unique perspectives and walks of life and created a bond so special. We are closer than I could even imagine and I consider each of them family because of that.

You played a tough Notre Dame team (which happens to be my favorite team) in the Fiesta Bowl. Obviously, you guys had National Championship aspirations, but that didn’t shake out your way. I’m sure there was some sense of disappointment, but how did you move on in order to prepare for, and eventually win, what still is a prestigious bowl game?

We definitely did not reach our ultimate goal and we’re not afraid to say that. But our main motivation was to get the 50th win for the seniors to go out as the winningest senior class in the history of college football in a Power 5 conference. We knew this would be the last time a great group of players and historical team would play together. So we wanted to go out the right way.

Now that this chapter of your life is about to be over, what’s your next move? Do you see professional football in your future, whether as a player, coach or something else? What are your goals from here on out?

I’m ready to move on from playing football, but I want to stay in this field for my profession. One day I want to be a general manager of an NFL team and I will do that by way of NFL scouting. Through Coach Meyer and some of the coaches, they are helping me get connected with the NFL to start this career. I’m really excited and I know this is something I will enjoy and be passionate about.

I, along with the rest of N2K, wish Cam nothing but the best as he moves on from Ohio State football. I’m sure he will succeed in whatever he chooses to do. Be sure to show him some love and follow him on Twitter, @Camren___.


Cover photo courtesy of buckeyextra.dispatch.com


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