BREAKING: 49ers Hire Chip Kelly

According to NBC Sports and a host of other sources, the San Francisco 49ers will hire Chip Kelly to be their next head coach. Just the other day, ESPN’s Adam Schefter stated that he didn’t think that Kelly would wind up in the NFL this season, due to an overwhelming lack of interest in the former Eagles and University of Oregon coach.

As it turns out, Kelly’s only interview was in the Bay Area with the 49ers. Former Eagles’ official Tom Gamble is there, so there was somewhat of a connection. However, it was Kelly that reached out to the 49ers, which I find to be surprising. He might not be a good coach, but he obviously is one hell of a salesman if he landed this opportunity. I find it surprising that other teams, such as the Cleveland Browns (good for them for staying away, they’re in good shape as Kevin wrote) or the Tennessee Titans (connection with quarterback Marcus Mariota), didn’t give Coach Kelly a long look.

The luckiest guy in the world (not counting the three Powerball winners, of course) right now is Colin Kaepernick. For all intents and purposes, his career in San Francisco, and quite possibly his career as a starting quarterback in general, were in some serious doubt. It’s been a while since Kaepernick has looked as good as he did when he set the NFL on fire when he first started out. He’s pretty much the best asset to the 49ers current offense, which shows you how porous that roster is. It’s amazing how they were a serious Super Bowl contender not so long ago. They blew their team up, and now Kelly will get another crack at building a team his way.

I’m okay with this move. Obviously, this doesn’t affect the Patriots, so it doesn’t matter to me. My second favorite team, the Seahawks, aren’t too affected either. Sure, they play in the same division. But it will be a few years at least until San Fran is in serious contention, especially with Arizona and St. Louis-now-Los Angeles (who is a quarterback away from being good) in the same division. It’s well documented that I don’t like Chip Kelly, and I also despise the 49ers, so this is a match made in heaven given my distaste for both parties. So yeah, I like it because it’s a bad hire.

I give this match about a season and a half to two seasons. Kelly isn’t a good coach and isn’t fit for the NFL. Kaepernick isn’t a good quarterback, and Kelly will literally refuse to move away from him since he is fast. San Francisco made themselves a bad decision by hiring Jim Tomsula, and they didn’t really improve significantly with this hire.


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