I Would Pay to be a Third Wheel in the Brady and Edelman Bromance

Honestly, what aren’t the Patriots the best at? Everybody says it to the point where it has begun to be a cliche but it really is true, “They Hate Us, ‘Cause They Ain’t Us”. Not only do we have the greatest quarterback to ever play the sport but everybody gets along. That is a very underrated aspect of a football team, the Panthers had a brawl at one of their practices between their star quarterback and star cornerback.

While Norman and Newton were throwing fists at one another, Brady was over here single-handedly making Facebook a thing again. Seriously though, I was pretty convinced that Twitter was the ‘it’ social media platform yet I find myself checking Facebook in order to see what Oscar worthy media Tom Brady has posted on his account. Every Patriots fan vicariously lives through the First Family (Tom and Gisele) as well as Tom Brady’s Facebook posts, whether it was cliff diving or dressing up as a turkey to surprise his kids we saw it all.

It is no surprise that Tom Brady and Julian Edelman have quite the blossoming bromance going on but their Facebook interaction last night simply melted hearts. First Tom’s post playfully calling out Julian on Brady’s touchdown* run (the ball 1000% crossed the line (we get it TJ, you’re a Pats fan)).

EdelmanBRady T

Then Julian (who does a great Tom Brady impression) responded with the following:

Edelman Brady

But to conclude it all, Tom reassured everybody that he was simply joking.


It is frankly a shame that their names don’t go together in order to have their own couple’s name but I digress. Denver’s secondary is good don’t get me wrong but these two gentlemen would run through brick walls for each other and they will be a scary combination for this weekend’s matchup. Stay tuned for a N2K Sports Hype Video of Sunday’s installment of the Brady vs Manning Saga.

Cover Photo via Joe Montana’s Right Arm

Title Credit to Sean (You wanted it, here you go)


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