You Can Bet on What for Super Bowl 50?!?

Maybe outside of March Madness, the Super Bowl is the most gambled on sporting event in the United States. Gambling concepts like the “Workplace Squares” competition have made the Super Bowl become basically a national holiday and the annual installments of the big game account for the top 21 spots on the list of the most watched programs in US history. The most recent Super Bowl between the Seahawks and Patriots leads that list with an estimated 168,000,000 viewers.

Many people believe that the fuel behind the Super Bowl’s popularity is partially due to gambling. Odds on the score, the coin flip and everything in between can be found and wagered on. As we are now exactly a week away from Super Bowl 50, we will look at the most obscure prop bets for the day of.

Coin Flip

Heads: 51/49

Tails: 49/51

Kind of weird odds here, basic statistics show us that a coin flip is always 50/50 no matter what happened beforehand since each flip is independent of the next.

Color Gatorade to be Poured on the Head Coach

Yellow: 7/3

Orange: 3/1

Clear: 4/1

Red: 17/3

Blue: 12/1

Disaster Props

Earthquake during the game: 56/1

Power outage: 20/1

Fan fight: 9/2

Tablet malfunction: 9/1

Streaker: 40/1

Broadcast Props

Over/Under Times Archie and Eli are shown: 5.5

Over/Under Times “Most Watched Network” is used: 3.5

Over/Under Time of Broadcast: 4 hours 6 minutes

Performance Props

Wardrobe Malfunction: 25/1

Coldplay gets booed: 6/1

Adele sings National Anthem: 3/1

Taylor Swift sings National Anthem: 5/1

First Commercial

Budweiser/Bud Light: 3/1

Doritos: 5/1

KIA: 6/1

As for the game, the Panthers are six point favorites over Denver according to Caesar’s Palace. Personally, I don’t bet on any games but it is always kind of funny to see what prop bets are available for people around the world.

Cover Photo via Rick Wilson’s DMD Dental Blog

Odds via NY Daily News


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Tim the first says:

    I’m taking Heads, orange Gatorade, Tablet malfunction and Bud


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