Super Bowl 50 Recap And Closing Thoughts

So, I was wrong about the Broncos not being able to win the Super Bowl. I underestimated how far their defense could take them. It’ll be a long year listening to how the Broncos are now reigning Super Bowl champs.

This game was a defensive battle. It’s nothing less than I expected, but I didn’t give either side enough credit. Obviously, Denver’s defense is going to be the one that’s remembered because of how they dominated from start to finish. It just wasn’t even fair. MVP Von Miller had the game of his life two weeks ago against the Patriots, but he topped it this week. 6 tackles, 2.5 sacks and 2 forced fumbles, 1 of which led to a defensive touchdown, while the other led to the only offensive touchdown Denver put up. You could argue that Miller won this game all by himself.

But he didn’t. DeMarcus Ware showed that age is but a number, and he ran amok too. Throw in Derek Wolfe, and it just wasn’t fair for the Panthers’ O-line. Their secondary had as easy as a day as one can, because they truly didn’t have any issues with any of the Panthers’ weapons. The only thing going wrong for the Broncos was Aqib Talib’s ridiculous penalties.

Offensively speaking, the Broncos offense did what they had to… kind of. They didn’t score an offensive touchdown until the fourth quarter. They were given the ball on Carolina’s 4-yard line. When they didn’t convert the 3rd-and-goal play, they were beneficiaries of a holding call on Josh Norman. Other than that gift-wrapped touchdown, they were largely unimpressive. Peyton Manning turned the ball over twice, but both times he was bailed out by his defense. He kept his play average enough so that they could go win a game. If anyone ever needs proof that defense truly does win championships, this is it.

As for Carolina, no one should sleep on how well that defense played. Up until that late touchdown and two-point ensuing conversion, they had allowed 9 points. 9. That should win you every single game you can possibly fathom. That is, except for this one.

The Panthers’ offense must’ve thought the game was next Sunday or something. Cam Newton, naturally, since he is the MVP and the quarterback, will take the brunt of the blame. And he should. He completed less than 50% of his passes, he lost two fumbles on strip sacks when I think he should’ve felt the pressure, and he when he missed, he missed bad. It isn’t all his fault though. Yay for Jonathan Stewart for scoring a touchdown in a Super Bowl, not yay for Jonathan Stewart for gaining 29 yards on the ground. Mike Tolbert fumbled twice, losing one of them. The Panthers’ receiving core finally played like the names on the back of their jerseys suggest that they would play- really, really badly. They dropped passes left and right. G-reg (with the…well…inappropriate) Olsen only had 4 catches for 40 yards. 4. The offensive line was a sieve out there. It was just a downright awful showing.

It’s nice, I guess, that Peyton Manning is conceivably going out with a ring. He’s a good guy, he’s funny (loved his Budweiser comments, loved his embrace with the Papa John’s guy), and everything else. I’m more upset that guys like John Elway, CJ Anderson, TJ Ward, Von Miller, and the rest of that team are getting rewarded for being an extremely one-sided team. I might sound like a sore loser but I don’t care. They aren’t a complete team. They rode the wave of their defense and they reaped the benefits. Good for them, but I won’t stop despising them.

Finally, I vouched for Cam Newton. I’m still a big fan of his, and I always will be. But he really made himself look bad yesterday. It realistically started when he didn’t dive on a fumble in the fourth quarter… in the Super Bowl… while his team was losing… with about 3 minutes left…and in his own side of the field. That’s a bitch move. Be a man, play the sport, get some dirt on your God damn jersey.

Cam Pussy Move.gif

The second thing is his interview. I know that he’s sad, and I know it’s a tough loss. But you can’t conduct yourself like that on a podium. Lose with pride, and just take the beating now. Because after that, it’s going to be worse. He made himself look like a sore loser. In Cam’s defense (since I always play devil’s advocate), he is not the only person who has a reputation for being a sore loser. In fact, the person I’m referring to was called “full of humility”, “an exemplary teammate” and “a true winner” by the CBS post game staff. Let’s not pretend #1 of the Panthers is the only sore loser, mmkay?

As far as technical stuff, it was a solid Super Bowl. The commercials, as usual, had some good ones, like T-Mobile and Doritos, but they were mostly overrated, overhyped clunkers. I thought the halftime show was really cool- it was nice to see Beyoncé and Bruno Mars, but I thought Coldplay was the real deal, and I thought they really made the show. I thought Lady Gaga’s National Anthem sucked, to be honest. America the Beautiful was great. Phil Simms didn’t say too many stupid things. All in all, a good day of football. Here’s to waiting for August, and waiting for the Patriots’ drive for five.


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  1. LatLon101 says:

    Thanks for the excellent recap. The Denver defense was excellent, Peyton needs to hang the cleats up on this winning rodeo! Thanks for the laughs while reading the blog. See you at the gas station!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Tyler Bates says:

    Haha can’t wait! It wouldn’t make sense for him to come back… hopefully he doesn’t make the mistake of staying too long.


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