Could Bryce Harper Be MLB’s First $500 Million Dollar Man?

Bryce Harper is good, flat out the kid can play ball but for a seemingly once in a lifetime talent how much money is too much? In a past article I predicted that Bryce would agree to a $400 million dollar contract when he hits the free agent market in 2019 but is $400 million too low?



Harper won a NL MVP award at the age of 22 in convincing fashion. And according to Baseball Reference’s Similarity Scores, Mr. Harper’s statistics resemble that of a 22 year old Frank Robinson, Mickey Mantle, Ken Griffey Jr or Hank Aaron. If Mickey Mantle walked up to your hypothetical franchise and said give me $500 million when I get to be 27 years old, you’d at least think about. We are talking hypothetically Mickey Mantle, no amount of money is too much money for The Mick. But back to facts, Bryce Harper’s future is not set in stone like the Mantle analogy was and Harper could maybe not continue to produce at the pace he is going. But imagine if he does. Four years in the league already pushing 100 homeruns, 3 All Star Games, 1 Silver Slugger, the 2012 Rookie of the Year and the 2015 NL MVP. But Bryce doesn’t exactly have the best medical history, missing major time in two of his four seasons due to injuries.

In an interview Grant Paulsen asked Bryce, “At one point in time they said you could be the first $400 million player.” to which Bryce responded, “don’t sell me short.” But what team has the money to invest half a billion dollars on one player? You guessed it and every Boston fans worst nightmare, the Bronx. I am predicting a contract worth over $500 million landing Harper in pinstripes and most likely someday in Monument Park.

Cover Photo via Sporting News

GIFs via MLB and EveryJoe


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