College Basketball Bracketology

One Seeds and Bubble Teams

Here is a look at my choices right now as to who deserves a 1-seed and to who is in and who is out of the field of 68.

1-seeds 2-seeds Last 4 In Last 4 Out
Kansas Villanova Oregon State Tulsa
Xavier Virginia Butler St. Bonaventure
Oklahoma Michigan State Vanderbilt Alabama
North Carolina Miami Gonzaga George Washington

#1 seeds:

Kansas- The Jayhawks have won 8 in a row including wins over Kentucky, Oklahoma and West Virginia. There is not much to be said other than they have the talent and leadership to go far in March. They seem to be a lock for a one seed, at least as much of a lock as anyone this year can be.


Xavier- The Musketeers knocked off #1 Villanova and are now in a prime position for a one seed. They have talent at every position and then some. They hold the best record in college basketball and have 9 wins vs RPI Top 60. Xavier is looking to add to that total at Seton Hall on Sunday. I think Xavier is now a legitimate threat for a one seed and should be able to lock one up come Selection Sunday.


Oklahoma- Oklahoma has one of the strongest resumes and features wins over Villanova, West Virginia twice, Iowa State and Wisconsin. They do not have any bad losses and two of their five came to Kansas. Overall, the Sooners have a good chance to see their name on the one line come March 14.


North Carolina- As of right now, I think the fourth number one seed is completely up in the air. I gave thought to Villanova, Virginia, UNC and Michigan St. With the first two losing in the past week, I decided to pick North Carolina.Winners of 4 of the last 5, their only loss coming to Duke at the buzzer, and wins over Maryland and Miami put them in as the final one seed for now. They have only had to play Virginia (next week), Louisville and Miami once. This has led to not a lot of opportunities to earn quality wins in conference. UNC will have to prove themselves in the ACC tournament to be deemed worthy of a one seed.


The Bubble:

Oregon State: They just won on a buzzer beater over Washington. The shot by Stevie Thompson Jr. might have saved their season. They own the hardest SOS and have an RPI of 28. I believe when its all said and done that they will make the tourney. 6 top 50 wins are usually enough to get you in. If they can win at least 2 of their remaining 3 games, they should lock up a tournament bid.

(Side Note: Pretty sure Thompson Jr. travelled and took like 3-4 steps but none the less it was an amazing shot)


Butler: Butler has had a lot of opportunities for big wins this year including 2 games against both XU and Nova and games against Miami and Purdue. They were only able to beat Purdue. Saying that, this team is solid and has wins over other bubble teams like Cincinnati and Temple which will help them make the tourney. With players like Roosevelt Jones, Kellen “fish face” Dunham (seriously watch him play and you’ll see it) and Kelan Martin, this team has plenty of talent to make the tournament.


Vandy: They have 4 top 50 wins and have the opportunity to pick up two more against Kentucky and Texas A&M. I think they need to finish out the season winning at least two of their last three games to be considered safe.


Gonzaga: It’s strange seeing Gonzaga’s name here on the bubble and also that a team with 20 wins and 7 losses being the last team in. The Bulldogs really only have two somewhat quality wins and I say somewhat because one is over a fellow bubble team in Washington. I included them in due to the fact that they only have 7 losses, none of them to a team outside the top 70. There schedule has been very easy however (SOS=127) and they are going to have to win their conference tournament to feel safe.


Tulsa:  Tulsa has a few quality wins over SMU, Wichita State and UConn but also has a loss to Oral Roberts. The quality of there schedule is what is keeping them on this side of the bubble. I’m not sure there are enough opportunities for them to get in the field of 68.


St. Bonaventure: Their win over Dayton certainly helps and beating fellow bubble team George Washington does as well but no real quality non-conference wins plus a loss to La Salle and Duquesne do not help. With a run to the A-10 conference championship, the Bonnies might play their way into the field.


Alabama: The Tide own 5 top 50 wins and a SOS of 19 which are two factors that are keeping them in the conversation. But losses to Mississippi State and Kentucky in past week have hurt their chances. Also there remaining schedule does not provide any opportunity for another good win which might be detrimental to the Crimson Tide’s chances at dancing.


George Washington: A win over Virginia definitely is keeping them afloat but VCU, a fellow bubble team, is their best in-conference win and that will not get you into the tournament. Like the Bonnies, a run to the conference finals and their might be a discussion.






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