Eagles Still Stupid, Overpay Sam Bradford

You know, I find myself talking about Philadelphia sports way more than I’d like to on this blog. I’m a Boston sports fans, and none of my teams, save the Bruins, are rivals with any Philadelphia teams. But it’s so hard to bite my tongue when other teams are literally so stupid that it hurts me, a non-fan of them. And in Philly’s case, this happens all too often.

Yesterday, the Eagles decided to retain Sam Bradford on a 2-year deal worth $26 million guaranteed. He can earn as much as $36 million. Last season, he threw for around 3,700 yards with 19 touchdowns and 14 picks (he also lost 4 fumbles) in 14 games. The Eagles went 7-9, finished second in a crappy division, and missed the playoffs again.

The former Heisman-winner out of Oklahoma didn’t play awful last year.  In fact, I wouldn’t even say he’s been completely terrible over the course of his career. Since being drafted first overall by the Rams, however, it’s fair to say that he’s been a disappointment in comparison to the expectations he had riding on his right shoulder… His right, often injured, no longer stable shoulder. That doesn’t include his knee or head injuries he’s also sustained while being an NFL player, either.

Look, I don’t care what new boss Doug Pederson says. I don’t doubt “Bradford is a perfect fit for this offense”. I get that he started off pretty hot, with 8 touchdowns in his return from an injury. Hey, Dipshit Doug, that’s not the problem! This is the problem! In 5 seasons, he’s played a full year only twice, while missing 17 games. 17. That’s not good, at all. He’s never had a season that warrants $13 million dollars a year, regardless of what the market value of a quarterback is.

You want to pay an injury-prone, pedestrian-at-best quarterback that much money? Do you just not want to make the playoffs? Is that your plan? Because Pederson was sitting pretty, where he could’ve either drafted a quarterback or gone and found one off the open market. He could’ve went with Brock Osweiler (young quarterback who played well in Denver down the stretch), Ryan Fitzpatrick (had a career year with the Jets), or Matt Moore (always had tools, never put them together) among others. Yeah, none of those names are that good, I’ll cede that. But none of them would be worse than Bradford. In fact, other than maybe Ryan Fitzpatrick, none of the names mentioned would’ve commanded the same amount of money.

The Eagles are a mess right now- they just signed a bad quarterback, they didn’t get that good of a new head coach, DeMarco Murray despises playing there after one year, and they’re wasting away a good defense.

Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe Bradford actually cuts down his turnovers while suiting up for every game. But maybe someday I’ll be able to fly. Someday I might be a millionaire. Someday I might pay off my college loans. All of those things are unlikely though, just like Bradford’s chances at being any good. Once again, the Eagles prove that they don’t know how to football, and their awful fans will wait another year for that elusive first Super Bowl.


Cover photo courtesy of Sporting News.


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