Best Landing Spots for RG3

Robert Griffin III is officially a free agent. The former number 2 overall pick was cut by the Washington Redskins yesterday in a move that had been long expected since the end of the season. After an extremely successful rookie season RG3’s career has been lackluster and full of injuries, which led to Washington parting ways with their once franchise quarterback. Other teams however are looking at RG3 as a player that was mishandled and could still have a long and productive career, due to the fact that he is only 26 and arguably the most athletic player to ever play the quarterback position in the NFL. Here are the top fits for RG3 as he looks to resurrect his career and become the player he once was.

San Francisco 49ers:  This might be the the most logical place for the former Baylor Bear to sign this offseason. Starting QB Colin Kaepernick is looking to get traded and Blaine Gabbert has not proven he can be a real starter in the NFL (huge tear, love Blaine Gabbert). This leaves the door wide open for Griffin to come in and earn the starting spot for the 49ers. They also have Chip Kelly as their head coach who would run the perfect offense for him. Griffin struggles with reads but in Chip’s system his rushing ability will be taken advantage of and the spread system will simplify the playbook as he tries to continue his development as a passer.

Cleveland Browns: Most people expect Hue Jackson and the Browns to draft a quarterback with the second overall pick this draft with the top 2 candidates being Carson Wentz and Jared Goff. Griffin has more raw talent and potential than both players and has shown he can be successful in the NFL. Jackson is also regarded as one of the top QB gurus in football which could do wonders for RG3 and in return the Browns who have been waiting for quarterback since dinosaurs roamed the earth. The Browns also have a very good line that would protect RG3 from some of the hits that led to his downfall in Washington. They could be getting Josh Gordon back as well who is a great deep threat receiver that could take advantage of Griffin’s arm strength. Cleveland, I have found your quarterback and will accept your thank you in advance.

Dallas Cowboys: During the regular season the Cowboys seemed like a leading candidate for Griffin but since then the rumors have died down. Griffin would come in as a backup for Tony Romo but based on Romo’s injury history and age he would find playing time early. Griffin would also pair himself with the best line in football to avoid hits, get himself a top 5 receiver in Dez Bryant, and potentially find the rushing attack that uses his unique running ability best. At this point it seems unlikely but it may be the smartest move for Griffin.

Denver Broncos: The Broncos have made an offer to Brock Osweiler but if he declines and is looking for more money do not be surprised if Elway looks for his quarterback somewhere else. Griffin would make a lot of sense especially since he should come at a discount. He would be throwing to two star receivers in Demaryius Thomas and Emmanuel Sanders also the Broncos offensive line could open up some very nice running lanes him. Griffin also wouldn’t be asked to come in and be the star of the franchise.  The Broncos defense would take a lot of pressure of RG3 and that could be huge for Griffin and his confidence. If Osweiler ends up somewhere else, the Broncos may be perfect for RG3.


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