2016 NFL Draft: Goff or Wentz

The NFL draft is a little over a month away and with multiple teams needing to find a new starting quarterback, two prospects have emerged as potential franchise signal callers. Those two players are California’s Jared Goff and North Dakota State’s Carson Wentz. Both have been valued highly throughout the draft process, but which one is the better prospect?

Jared Goff: Goff is a three year starter for the Golden Bears and NFL scouts have been high on him since his freshman season and he has remained a top prospect throughout his three year college career. He has made steady improvement each year increasing his touchdowns, yardage, and completion percentage with each season and has shown great poise in the pocket.

Although Goff is not a running QB he can keep teams honest with his legs and does a great job of extending plays when the pocket collapses. What people have become more impressed with recently for Goff is his intelligence. Even though he played in a college style offense he has been calling plays and audibles for the past two years and has shown he is more than capable of making multiple reads during the play.

The biggest concerns over Goff his slight frame and arm strength. Teams are worried that his body may not be able to hold up for a full season, especially if he’s behind a bad line. There are also questions on if he’ll be able to push the ball vertically but following his pro day teams seem to have sured up their concerns over his arm strength.

Carson Wentz: Wentz started flying up draft boards after the Senior Bowl and many experts now have him as the top QB in the draft. Teams have fallen in love with size as he measures in at 6’5” 238 lbs. His build resembles Ben Roethlisberger but he brings more athleticism which is evident in his 4.7 40 time.

Wentz is regarded as a running quarterback and he posses great arm strength. He has also started in and won back to back championships at the D-1 AA level. He does not however have a lot of game film due to a wrist injury that caused him to miss extensive time this past season.

The biggest concern about Wentz is how he’ll translate from college to the NFL. Wentz played against very little NFL talent while in college and has not seen anything complex as an NFL defense. Teams and Scouts are worried that when he first enters the league playbooks may be too complex and the talent difference may be overwhelming. Most people believe he still has great upside and could develop into a top quarterback in the NFL

Given the choice between the two I’m taking Goff. He has more experience than Wentz, and has played against NFL talent since he got into college. Wentz also never put up great passing numbers while going against significantly worse players. Goff on the other hand threw for over 4,000 yards and 43 TD’s while only throwing 13 interceptions. Goff is also a more accurate passer and is further along in the developmental process. In my mind Goff is the clear choice between the two quarterbacks and as the draft gets closer look for teams to put him back atop prospect rankings over Wentz.


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