LeBron Unfollows Cavs on Twitter, But Is It News?

Let me start off by saying this very clearly; LeBron James unfollowing the Cleveland Cavaliers on Twitter is a non-story! The fact that I feel obligated to write about this topic is embarrassing. I mean really, who took the time to figure out whether LeBron follows his team or not? What person would waste their time like that? It’s actually hard to fathom. This is another case of the media blowing something out of proportion, and unfortunately, I’m contributing to it.

It’s also not as if he only unfollowed the Cavs. LeBron unfollowed a host of accounts on the social media website. This is an absolute non-story, but it still doesn’t make King James look very good.

James is still one of the faces of the NBA and the biggest ambassador to the game today. But James has a history of getting his way as a player, and it’s been rumored that he was behind the firing of David Blatt, or at least played a big part in his firing. He’s also been rumored to have tense relations with Kevin Love, whom the Cavs brought in last year and has never really fit in. Because of James’ power and popularity in Cleveland, reports have started to circle that Kyrie is unhappy in Cleveland. James is also rumored to not like recently acquired Channing Frye, who was acquired at the trade deadline.

But how do these relationships have anything to do with LeBron unfollowing his team on social media?

This makes LeBron look like he thinks he’s better than the team. It makes him look as though he doesn’t want to associate with his teammates. However, I don’t think that’s the case. I don’t know why he did it, but it’s not due to team relations.

LeBron does this thing every postseason where he shuts down his social media, turns it off, doesn’t use it, doesn’t check it, nothing. Nothing is posted from James on Twitter or Instagram throughout the duration of the playoffs, a little something he likes to call “Zero Dark thirty- 23”, which is a subpar name.

LeBron is focused on one thing and one thing only this time of year, winning a championship. I think he wants so badly to win a championship that he’s willing to go to measures that will make him look bad in the public eye. And honestly, it shouldn’t bother him. He’s LeBron freaking James.

To make this even more embarrassing, a reporter asked James why he did and what his reason was. LeBron’s response was simply “next question.” Seems like an acceptable answer, but the manner that LeBron answered the question was somehow brought into question. Of course he’s going to be upset following a dumb question on an irrelevant topic.

Listen, I’m one of those people that sees both sides of every story. I see where some media members are coming from thinking this is some big time story, but it’s really not. There are more important things to talk about in sports, especially basketball. But LeBron James unfollowing his team on social media is not a story, and the fact that it is, is sad.


Cover photo via TheRoot



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