RG3 has signed with the Browns

Earlier today the Cleveland Browns and Robert Griffin III agreed on a 2 year deal worth $15 million with $6.75 million of it guaranteed. Over the past week Griffin has interviewed with the team and got good reviews from new head coach Hue Jackson. The Browns have been notoriously horrible when it comes to developing quarterbacks but that could all change this upcoming season.

RG3 has not been a real starting quarterback since his second season in the NFL but at only 26 he is a high upside player that will be entering a quarterback friendly offense with QB guru Hue Jackson. Griffin will look to get back to his rookie form when he took the league by storm and that could happen in Cleveland. I know it sounds crazy but hear me out. The Browns should find out the status of suspended receiver Josh Gordon, a Baylor product who played in college with Griffin briefly, and adding him back to the roster would be huge upgrade and give Griffin a go to option. They also have tight end Gary Barnidge who could have another season like he did last year and Griffin  will be protected by a talented offensive line. Adding Griffin to the Browns could also open up the rushing attack like it did for Washington and Alfred Morris. If everything falls into place Griffin could look like the young star and franchise savior that Washington drafted back in 2012.

The most interesting thing that has come out of all of this is there are multiple reports saying the Browns still plan on drafting a quarterback with the second overall pick. For one it shows that the Browns are not completely sold on Griffin being a long term option, but it could also prove to be a wasted pick if Griffin flourishes and there is no need for another quarterback outside of a backup. Drafting a QB with the second overall pick could also be bad for Griffin’s confidence who has been ripped apart about his attitude and leadership skills. Having a rookie drafted so high could make Griffin uneasy about his status as a starter and could have some serious effects on his mental makeup but that is all speculation.

I believe that signing Griffin will turn out to be an extremely positive move for both sides. The Browns are getting a player that may have more potential than any other player in the league while Griffin will be playing under a proven qb and offensive savant who seems to actually likes him as opposed to his last two coaches.


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