Tiger Woods Will Not Play in The Masters

The buzz over the past couple days has been about Tiger Woods not withdrawing his name from the field next week at The Masters. This has led many to believe that he is going to play. And some probably think “And, by god, he’s going to win”.


Last month, Woods tweeted a video of him swinging a 9-iron to Twitter and said he is progressing nicely. Tiger’s agent released a statement earlier this week saying “there is no further update on his status”.  A combination of these things had people hoping the former number 1 golfer might be returning to Augusta. However, last night Tiger released a statement saying he will not be playing in this years Masters. He said this on his website “After assessing the present condition of my back, and consulting with my medical team, I’ve decided it’s prudent to miss this year’s Masters. I’ve been hitting balls and training daily, but I’m not physically ready. I’ve said all along that this time I need to be cautious and do what’s best for my long-term health and career. Unfortunately, playing Augusta next week wouldn’t be the right decision.”

He hasn’t played competitively in over seven months and he missed the cut in the final 3 majors last year after finishing T-17th in last years Masters. Skip Bayless just said recently that he doesn’t believe Tiger will contend in any more major championships. I think he false and knowing Skip Bayless, he will probably change his mind once Tiger does. Tiger is committed to getting healthy and making sure he doesn’t jeopardize his remaining years of golf. Tiger is only 40 and has many years of competitive golf ahead of him. The man whose record he is chasing, Jack Nicklaus, won The Masters at age 46. That was six years after any other major win. Tom Watson more recently lost a playoff at The British Open in 2009 at age 59. I don’t doubt that Tiger, the best golfer possibly ever, can contend for another 10 years. He needs to get healthy once and for all and work on his game though and if that means missing this Masters then so be it. He has tried to recover from similar injuries before but now I think he has the right mindset. I understand everyone’s eagerness to have him back, everyone who loves sports should be excited about his return, its just not his time yet.

We will have to wait another year to get moments like this:



Cover photo: http://www.wmphoenixopen.com

Chubbs photo: wkkg.com

Tiger GIF: thearmchairallamericans.com


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