Kaepernick Trade Breaks Down Over Contract Dispute

Yesterday, it was reported that the trade sending Colin Kaepernick from San Francisco to Denver has broken down, due to the Broncos and Kap not being able to agree on a restructured contract. The Broncos wanted Kaepernick to make slightly over $7million a year, but the quarterback reportedly would not go that low, and as of now, it seems he will be staying with the 49ers.

Staying with the 49ers may not be as bad as Kaepernick thinks. They currently hold the 7th overall pick and can add a talented piece to either side of the ball, or turn around and trade the pick to a QB needy team if Goff or Wentz begins to fall; they could add some very nice pieces if that happens. Kaepernick will also be working with Chip Kelly who has made it known that he wants Kaepernick. Kelly is also still a very good offensive coach, especially with a mobile quarterback and could implement a system that allows Kaepernick to regain confidence and return to the level of play he was at under Jim Harbaugh.

This trade breaking down could really hurt the Broncos. Only two months removed from a Super Bowl win, they are without Peyton Manning (retired) and Brock Osweiler (signed with Texans), the two quarterbacks who led them throughout the season and their situation is looking bad to say the least. As of right now, the Broncos will be sending out Mark Sanchez, notoriously known for the butt fumble, as their starting quarterback with Trevor Siemian, a former seventh round pick, being his backup. They could draft someone such as Conor Cook at the end of the first round to be their starter, or they could still pull off a trade, but if that doesn’t happen, have fun with with Sanchez, Broncos fans.butt fumble.gif


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