The Boston Bruins Are Killing Me Slowly, But Surely

So if you haven’t heard, the Boston Bruins are the middle of a ferocious playoff race, where they currently sit ninth in the Eastern Conference. Ninth is also known as the last team out of the playoff picture. The Bruins have a history of breaking my heart; from trading Joe Thornton and Tyler Seguin, blowing a 3-0 series lead to Philly, blowing game six against Chicago in the Stanley Cup and last year’s miscues at the end of the year, the B’s consistently make me feel sad.

The good news about being in ninth is that they are tied with the Philadelphia Flyers for the last spot and there’s still two games left to be played. The bad news is that the Flyers have three games remaining, and the B’s have two. This year has been eerily reminiscent of last year’s season, where the B’s missed out on the playoffs after losing their last three games. But this year’s version of the Bruins is on track to top that final three game losing streak by losing four this year, and they’re already hallway there!

The stress started on Sunday, where it was a must win game against the Blackhawks. The B’s had to come out strong, and then decided to just not show up for 40 minutes. They got embarrassed in the first two periods giving up six goals and making Bruins fans across the country, myself included, swear and turn off the TV.

Then, to make it worse the Bruins decided to try and come back from that 6-0 deficit, and give those same fans who turned off their TV’s a false sense of hope. And while I have to credit the comeback effort, it was too little too late. The lack of effort showed by the B’s has been one of the most frustrating thing to watch about Claude Julien’s squads ever since they won the Cup in 2011.

Outside of everyone but Brad Marchand and Patrice Bergeron, the entire roster seems to just go through the motions when something is going bad. Guys like Zdeno Chara, the captain of the team, Loui Eriksson and David Krejci just don’t seem to want to be there and get to the playoffs, as if it’s some sort of absurd task to ask them to put in a little more effort.

It’s one thing to get blown out, especially against a great team like Chicago. I get it, it happens. But it’s an entirely different thing when you don’t show up mentally to a game that you MUST win and you give up six goals in two periods and don’t even seem to care. That’s when fans get pissed and players and coaches lose their jobs. Nobody on the ice seemed to show emotion, outside of Tuukka Rask, each time the puck hit the twine.

While Chara seemed to try and get under the skin of fellow captain Jonathan Toews throughout the game, as my mom said it best “Too little to late for Chara, it doesn’t matter now.”

I’m not saying go out and drop the gloves to send a message, that’s reckless and dumb. But inspire your teammates by your play when you’re down by a lot, at least show that you give a shit.

Anyways, the sadness continued on Tuesday, where the Bruins played the Hurricanes, who are the opposite of elite. Once again, the Bruins didn’t show up in the first 40 minutes, but Tuukka Rask bailed out his teammates to keep it 1-0. The only reason the B’s were able to tie the game up was because of a bad line change by Carolina after Loui Eriksson got out of the penalty box.

Of course the game goes to OT because they like to give me heart attacks. In that overtime, tehe ‘Canes hit the post and had a puck go through Tuukka, but Chara pulled the puck off the goal line before a Carolina stick could get there. And of course the game then goes to a shootout, and this is where I absolutely lost it and now I hate Claude Julien.

He elects to choose first, which fine, put the pressure on them, but you better score. So who does Claude send out? Ryan Spooner. Not a bad option as he has 13 goals, but you have to put out one of your top guys, like Loui or Patrice, who both eventually shot and missed, or Brad Marchand. I have no problem with Spooner, Bergeron or Eriksson, who are all skilled offensively, but then Claude Julien made THE WORST COACHING DECISION OF HIS CAREER. He decided, instead of Brad Marchand, to put out Torey freakin’ Krug! Krug has three goals on the year… Brad Marchand has 36. In what world does it make sense to put a snake-bitten defenseman ahead of a guy who ranks tied for fifth in the NHL in goals?

It doesn’t make sense to me, and the fact that we still don’t have a explanation for the lack of thought put into this situation by head dunce Claude Julien makes my blood boil. And of course the Massachusetts native and former BC star Noah Hanafin ends it on the very next shot after Krug, just to twist the knife a little bit deeper than it already was.

Maybe Claude and the black and gold don’t want to make the playoffs, so he can enjoy the chicken we all know he loves.


Now, the Bruins have their backs all the way against the wall. The season is all on the line tonight against Detroit, who holds on to the third spot in the Atlantic, two points ahead of Boston. I would usually feel comfortable with such a big game being at home, but the B’s are brutal at home, where they are just 16-17-6. A win against Detroit doesn’t necessarily mean they’ll make the playoffs, as they’ll have to take care of business against Ottawa on Saturday to get in… maybe. And if they don’t, it’s gonna be a long summer for Bruins fans, but this guy has the right idea. Whatever.


Cover Photo via TheHockeyNews

Other Photo’s via TotalProSports and Twitter



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  1. LatLon101 says:

    Wow! – My sentiments exactly. Some of the Bruins just don’t seem to want to play hockey. The coaches game plan is suspect also, just dump the puck in the other end and !?$%& . In the Chicago game the Blackhawks rotated around the Bruins end, passing the puck to each other, and they scored goals. Detroit does it also.
    So now we wait for much needed changes.

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