Rams Have Traded Up for Number One Pick

Earlier today it was reported that the Rams and and Titans have made a trade for the top pick in the draft. The Rams will receive the number one overall pick as well as picks 113 and 177 while the Titans will receive picks 15, 43, 45, and 76 as well as the Rams’ first and third round pick next year. The Rams have jumped up over Cleveland to guarantee they will get the quarterback they want, but the price is heavy.

The Rams gave up two second round picks this year as well as their first round pick next year and it may not be a good move. This years draft class is weak at the quarterback position with Carson Wentz and Jared Goff being the top prospects but the demand is still high for them. It was first reported that Wentz is who LA wants but as more league sources have been talking Goff seems to be the Rams’ choice.

Goff is the better prospect in my mind and is further along in the development process but he could struggle if the Rams take him. They have a very weak receiving corps with no true go to option and no pick to add an elite prospect in the near future. The Rams gave away a lot for the top pick and with no surefire prospect like Andrew Luck  it is an extremely risky move that could set them back for years.

The Titans on the other hand now have a bevy of picks in the first three rounds and two first rounders next year. Although they have now lost out on either OT prospect Laremy Tunsil or CB Jalen Ramsey they are still in good standing. The Titans can now add more players and talent to surround Marcus Mariota with and have taken a very smart step in the rebuilding process.

As for the rest of the draft there could be some major moves now. The second overall pick, owned by the Browns, could now become available if the Rams select whichever QB Cleveland wants. The 49ers are the biggest threat to trade up but teams like the Jets are also in serious need of help at the quarterback position and could find a way to move up. This trade could also cause a small slide for Tunsil and Ramsey which will change the draft boards for many teams and since they are the two top ranked prospects there may be even more movement in the top 10.


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