REPOST: Most Annoying Fan Bases in Sports

Post Originally From October 20th, 2015 

I was talking to my buddy Mattheus last week about the NLCS. He mentioned that he was pulling for the Cubbies, just like every human being in America outside of the New York City/New Jersey area. He asked who I wanted to win, to which I responded it didn’t matter to me either way. I don’t like or dislike either team the way I hate Kansas City and Toronto. I did, however, mention that I think Cubs fans are annoying and I don’t like them. He defended them and it was this whole argument. Yada yada yada, details, whatever.

That kind of got me thinking about who the most annoying fan bases in pro sports are. Let’s make this clear- annoying doesn’t equal bad. Bad fan bases are like Toronto, Kansas City, any team from Florida, and so on. While I definitely take attendance into consideration, my top five for annoying fan bases revolves mainly around how they carry themselves. So without further ado, your most irritating fan bases in pro sports:

  1. Boston Fans

Yes, I am a diehard Boston sports fan. And yes, I show the same qualities I’m about to talk about. I’m not an exception, but I see how we are annoying.

Boston fans are on two sides of the spectrum. One side is being way too critical. It’s not giving guys a shot to prove themselves, a shot to succeed, or formulating a first opinion and moving on. Look at J.D. Drew. I won’t defend that signing- he was overpaid, he was hurt, and he had way too many backwards K’s for my liking. But people pretend he was a complete bust. That’s not true. He played pretty well in both playoff runs we made during his tenure here. But no one likes to admit that because they just like to call him a wuss. That’s not fair to him.

The other side of the spectrum is being not critical enough. You see this with Patriots fans (I speak as if I’m not one). Before the win against Seattle, it had been 10 years since our last Super Bowl. A decade. But people still threw the “Kiss our rings” in your face. That’s fine to do now, but before hand, the statute of limitations had passed- you can’t gloat about championships over a decade old. That’s for Yankees fans.

Boston fans love to rub in their championships, but they’ve always been with their teams. Attendance hasn’t really been a big problem like it has for other fan bases. We love blue-collared, gritty players with dirty jerseys because it’s representative of us. But damn, we can piss people off.

  1. Chicago Fans

The worst of the major sports in Chi-town are Blackhawks fans. Hands down. Not even close. Pre-Toews and Kane, it was more common to see a UFO than a real Blackhawks fan. They didn’t sell tickets, they were a forgotten, crappy franchise. But now they’re the “best in hockey”. Shut up, no they’re not, you’re wrong. Their bandwagon is INSANE.

As for the rest of the major sports teams, they’re passionate. The White Sox had a long drought, and we all know about the Cubs. The Bulls and Bears have had difficult stretches too, and their fans have remained loyal. The things that get me are this: they want to be New York and Boston so badly and they just aren’t. Sorry, but it’s true.

While I’m on it (this is directed at you, Freeze), I get the Steve Bartman thing sucked, but here’s an idea- get over it. I don’t care if you’re hungry for a World Series. YOU THREATENED TO KILL THIS DUDE OVER SOMETHING ANY OTHER FAN ALIVE WOULD’VE DONE! Enough of this “Sorry for scaring you Steve-O, come throw out the first pitch! We forgive you.” Forgive him for what? I’m sorry, nothing is worth actually, legitimately, and seriously, threatening another man’s life. I don’t like that Sox fans did it to Buckner, and I’ll stick to my guns here. Cubs fans, I get it’s been a while. Relax. Maybe if you didn’t have a late-30s outfielder with a temper trying to play the ball, it would’ve been caught. But still almost definitely not. Cry about it.

  1. Philadelphia Fans

I don’t like the city of Philadelphia. At all. It’s overrated, and the coolest thing about it is a bell with a crack in it. History schmistory. They’re not the only city in America with significance to U.S. history. Let’s start with Eagles fans, because it’s easy. They booed Donovan McNabb upon drafting him and always cried foul about Andy Reid. But here’s the kicker (pun not intended)- McNabb is actually the best Eagles quarterback ever. Reid is the best Eagles coach ever. 5 NFC title games and a Super Bowl appearance isn’t too shabby for a team with zero depth and no one, save TO for one season, to throw to. You’re dumb, Eagles fans, and so is your management. No wonder you’ve never won a Super Bowl.

Flyers and Phillies fans actually strike me as parallel to Bruins and Red Sox fans. But they’re still annoying. Phillies fans have NO reason to be as arrogant as they are. And in recent history, neither do the Flyers. The former is a historically underachieving franchise that has a few great players but a lot of disappointment, and the latter is just a bunch of goons trying to take your head off. They want to be like Chicago, Boston and New York too, but sorry, your ‘ships don’t stack up. So stand down.

  1. New York Fans

This implies teams that play in the Big Apple. This doesn’t include Buffalo fans, who are actually a solid group. Sure, they’re arrogant for no reason, but they’re faithful. Regardless, I digress.

Yankees fans- we get it, you have lots of great players. You were the best team in the first half of the 20th century because you lucked out on some early trades and bought all the talent. Yup, must be hard.

Most Yankees fans weren’t alive for championships pre-1970. While they’ve seen a lot comparatively speaking, especially in the 70s and 90s, chill. If I deem 10 years out of the statute of limitations, then I won’t even waste my breath on 50-plus years. As for the Knicks, here’s a fun fact- your team is THE WORST ‘storied franchise’ the NBA has to offer. You’re not that storied, so cut out the arrogance. You can’t even attract free agents to NYC. I don’t really have an issue with Ranger fans. Across the board, New York citizens love to remind you how many championships they have. Every major sport has at least two franchises in your area. At some points, it was three. So yeah, I’d hope that you have the most championships. Congratulations for fulfilling everyone’s expectations of the largest city in America. It must’ve been really tough.

And the worst…


Montreal Fans

The Canadiens are the only major sports team from Montreal. That speaks volumes about how much I utterly hate this fan base. There’s nothing good about your franchise. I hate your jerseys. I hate your stadium. I hate your stupid Ole chant. I hate your players. I hate your style of play. I hate your coaches. I hate your lack of accountability. I hate how you legitimately wanted to charge Zdeno Chara with assault when he drilled Max Pacioretty (keep your head up, son). I hate how you talk about Stanley Cups as if you’ve actually won one in this century. I hate how you refuse to hire a non-French-speaking coach because you’re “les habitants, huh huh huh”[1]. I hate how you condemn fighting in hockey even though your team actually fights more than the average team.

Your fans suck. It’s nice you sell out that dump you call the Bell Center every week, but I don’t care. They’re loyal, but they’re as ignorant as it gets. It’s amazing. They consistently pick fights with me if I ever tweet something pro-Bruins during a game against them. I just hate them. And I don’t respect them. And they’re annoying. So I’m gonna be the tough guy, be a keyboard warrior, and blog about you. So there! Huh huh huh![2]

I got some honorable mentions too. You can’t forget about Baltimore, LA, and Pittsburgh. I guess you’re always going to think other fans are annoying to some capacity except your own. But these guys are exceptionally annoying, and deserve my wrath.

Do you agree? Maybe disagree? Please comment. Let me know what all of you think, and why. I love hearing other opinions.

[1] Yeah, no clue how to express a French accent. So there you go. Picture a person from Montreal doing a laugh with a French accent.

[2] Again, just really trying to mock them. Going for sarcasm. Bear with me.


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