Cleveland Browns Win The Day

Whether it’s the regular season or the offseason, the Cleveland Browns aren’t used to winning. Never would I ever think that the Browns would make a good trade in my lifetime, but here we are. Last week, it was the Tennessee Titans who won the day by trading their first overall pick to the Los Angeles Rams.

Today, Cleveland traded their second overall pick (and fourth rounder) to Philadelphia. In return, the Browns will now have the 8th overall pick, along with Philly’s third and fourth round picks this year. Furthermore, they get the Eagles’ first and second round picks next year.

This trade means lots of things. First off, for the Browns, it means that they now have a direction for their eternal rebuilding phase. In my humble opinion, there’s lots of middle-round talent, but not a lot of first-round studs in this year’s draft. Cleveland needs a lot of young prospects- they need quantity as much as they need quality[1].

At #8, they can go get the next big thing in the secondary with a guy like Vernon Hargreaves, they can sure up their offensive line with a guy like Ronnie Stanley, or they can add to their linebacking corps by picking Myles Jack, all guys who I think could be available at that slot. I don’t see the Eagles being very good next year, as they’re obviously beginning their rebuild. Cleveland could potentially have two top-ten picks in next year’s draft, too. Whether they watched Draft Day or the Moneyball effect is rubbing off of them, this is a good trade.

As far as Philadelphia goes, they’re after their franchise quarterback. At this point, you have to figure that Jared Goff and Carson Wentz will be the first two players off the draft board (not quite sure of the order, though). While I get that they need a quarterback, I don’t think this is the year to pick one in the first round. I don’t really see any guys becoming marquee players at any points in their career. This is a good draft to get an anchor for your offensive line or for your defense. I don’t think either top QB prospect is as good as advertised (if I had to bet on one quarterback in this whole draft being really good, I’d put my money on Cardale Jones, depending on the situation he falls in). Therefore, I don’t think this is a good move by the Eagles. They just mortgaged a part of their future on realistically one guy.

Now, this isn’t set in stone. The Browns have a history of bad draft picks, and while they made a good move today, they still have to pick the right players. For all I know, whatever quarterback the Eagles pick will be the greatest thing ever. But in the here and now, based purely off of odds, I think the Browns won this trade, and won it by a lot.

[1] If the Browns really want to impress me, they’ll draft Jaylon Smith in the third round if he’s still there. His leg injury leaves a lot of questions, but if they were to pick him up in that slot, they’d be getting a great value pick. I still think Smith will be a very good NFL player, but I think teams will need to be patient. In the third round, the Browns could afford that.


Cover photo courtesy of Pinterest.


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