Josh Norman Signs with Redskins

Just two day after the Carolina Panthers rescinded Josh Norman’s franchise tag, it was announced that Josh Norman will be signing a deal with the Washington Redskins. The deal is worth $75 million over 5 years and includes $50 million guaranteed. The deal makes Norman the highest paid corner in football and is a big risk for Washington.

Norman played great for the Panthers during their 15-1 season and was talked about as arguably the best corner in the league. He has 4 interceptions last year and held big name receivers to some very small numbers. Norman garnered most of his attention against Odell Beckham Jr. who he rattled all game despite letting up some big plays. Throughout the year and in this matchup Norman showed an extremely physical style of play while displaying elite ball skills.

This deal however is still a massive risk. Norman has only one year of real experience under his belt so his success this year may be an outlier. He also plays behind one of the best front sevens in football so quarterbacks he faces often make errant throws or find themselves forcing passes. He was also highly criticized for his inability to play man coverage and many players and analysts noted that he plays almost exclusively in cover 3.

There’s also the problem of having to go against two of the top receivers in NFL twice a year. OBJ has a shot at revenge/redemption next year and he’ll be ready and Norman also has to see how he fairs against Dez Bryant who might be the most physically imposing receiver with Calvin Johnson now retired. And for all the Redskins extremely excited about this deal, remember Byron Maxwell came to the NFC  East last summer on a huge contract and played horrible so don’t get your hopes up.


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