Who Should be the First Non-QB Drafted?

With the Rams and Eagles holding the top two picks in the draft Jared Goff and Carson Wentz will be the first two players off the board, but from their the entire draft is speculation as no one knows what the Chargers will do with their pick yet. They could trade but they will have the opportunity to pick the top two ranked players in this years draft, Laremy Tunsil and Jalen Ramsey.

The Chargers have needs at both spots but choosing between the two is not an easy task. Tunsil has been the top ranked player for most of the year. He has great athleticism and feet at the tackle position and with King Dunlap regressing Philip Rivers will need someone to protect his blindside. Tunsil has been compared to Tyron Smith and if he develops into the player that he can the Chargers will have the left tackle position sured up for years to come. Many analysts believe that Tunsil is also the most pro ready player and he will be a solid starter at worst.

Tunsil is a great option for the Chargers but Florida State’s Jalen Ramsey has made a case to be the third overall pick as well. Ramsey is the best athlete in the first round possessing speed and jumping ability that is not common in the NFL. He has played both safety and corner during his time with the Seminoles and could play either at the next level. Ramsey also has great length and strength that makes press coverages come easy to him. He has not displayed elite ball skills throughout his career which raises some question marks but teams believe that part of the problem is how little he was targeted in college. The biggest concern over Ramsey is if he will struggle to settle into one position in the NFL but his natural instincts and elite athleticism should keep that from happening. The Chargers also need to add an elite player in their secondary with Eric Weddle now in Baltimore.

It is a tough choice for the Chargers but I believe that they should go with Ramsey. He posses game changing skills on defense and has a higher ceiling. Ramsey has been compared to Patrick Peterson and if Ramsey ends up being one of the top man coverage corners like Peterson than the Chargers will be a happy team. As good as Tunsil is Ramsey has more natural skills that make him seem like a can’t miss prospect.


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