From A Neutral Eye: The Tom Brady Suspension

There’s two types of people in the world- those that hate the Patriots, and Patriots fans. It’s really quite that simple. So, since the NFL has won its appeal of Tom Brady’s appeal of his suspension, it’s important to look at this from an unbiased perspective. Of course, I’m a Pats fan. But I’ll do my best to look at this from a neutral perspective.

This stems from a blowout playoff game in which the air pressure of footballs did not matter. The balls could’ve been overinflated or underinflated or inflated just right, you can think whatever you want. But if you argue it had an impact on the Indianapolis Colts getting their asses handed to them, then you’re just a stupid person who doesn’t deserve to continue the conversation. Sorry for the bluntness, it’s just fact.

Moving on, Brady was suspended by Commissioner Goodell because this ‘hurt the integrity of the game’. Let me make something clear, even as a Patriots fan – the balls were probably underinflated. The Patriots as an organization probably knew about it. They, just like every other team in the NFL, are not above cheating, bending the rules, interpreting the rules in a different way to gain an advantage, or anything else you want to say. However, Goodell went about his pursuit of the Patriots by trying to take down Brady, which was the wrong way to do it. I’m talking from his perspective. Why would you make Brady the ‘mastermind’ of this operation? Especially when the best you could do is hire a sketchy, untrustworthy private investigator who couldn’t even conclusively prove that Brady did it? Like, you paid the guy to give you the answer you wanted, and he couldn’t even give you it. That just means there’s not enough evidence there.

Furthermore, he had absolutely no precedence for this suspension. I say this because there wasn’t a precedence in the Ray Rice case. Or in the Terrell Suggs case. Or in the Greg Hardy Case And these guys are criminals! Criminals! And the reason they weren’t suspended, or their suspensions were knocked down, or whatever happened to them, is because it was deemed that Goodell couldn’t just dish out suspensions left and right, even if these guys broke the law. So why is it okay to not use precedence now? Especially over something this petty?

Oh, and going back to the ‘integrity of the game’. If the NFL was so concerned about the integrity of the game, they would’ve been stricter about checking the PSI of all the footballs. But they didn’t. If this is ‘detrimental to the game’ like the NFL wants to believe, then why would they not implement new behavior? That’s madness.

So to recap, you’ve got a party who abused his power to punish someone that he could not definitively prove the guilt of, despite using immoral, biased tactics, while not implementing the changes to the system that was flawed, all over a blowout playoff loss two years ago. You don’t have to be a Patriots fan to see that it’s simply not fair. At the end of the day, this is not fair. You’ve got a judge who voted in favor of the NFL saying that it is a, “draconian penalty”, but still saying yes. That right there should tell you enough.[1] Does that not sound ridiculous to you?

I think Commissioner Goodell is bad for the NFL. I think, whether people like it or not, this sets a precedence that the NFL is okay with domestic violence, attempted murder, and basically any felony you could possibly name, but not okay with tampering the game, even though they don’t police it like they claim they do. I think Goodell needs to be fired in any possible way.

[1] For the record, if the penalty was a 1-2 game suspension, I’d get over it and call it fair, because the balls were tampered with and the destroyed cell phone was avoiding evidence, though I still think the only way Brady is guilty is by association.


Picture from CBS Sports


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