2016 NFL Draft 2nd & 3rd Round Recap

Best Picks- Myles Jack (UCLA, LB), Jacksonville Jaguars-

Jacksonville nailed their first two picks in my mind. If Jack stays healthy, they drafted the second and third best players in the draft. Both are elite athletes with unquestioned fluidity on the field. Myles Jacks can become a Pro-Bowler as soon as next year, and if he’s healthy, the addition of him and Ramsey could make the Jaguars are a playoff team this year.

Jaylon Smith (Notre Dame, LB) Dallas Cowboys-

Smith said last night after getting drafted that he will play during the 2016 season despite what doctors and reports have been saying. If that’s true and he comes back, then the Cowboys drafted the best player in the draft during the second round. Ezekiel Elliott will make a major impact and he’s my early favorite for Offensive Rookie of the Year, but if Smith is playing, he’ll make an even bigger impact. Smith has the talent to be one of the top 5 linebackers in the NFL, and even though the Cowboys risked a lot the reward could be even bigger.


Worst Picks- Christian Hackenberg (QB, Penn State), New York Jets-

After selecting Darron Lee in the first round and taking care of a major need, the Jets just wasted a pick. Christian Hackenberg has no NFL future, none whatsoever. He is an extremely inaccurate passer with a turnover problem. His mechanics are horrible, he makes bad reads and when he faces pressure in the pocket he completely shuts down. If Hackenberg starts for the Jets next year they will have a top 5 pick.

Jacoby Brissett (QB, NC State), New England Patriots-

Tom Brady is the starting QB and GOAT, Jimmy G is his backup and potential successor. That leaves Brissett as the third string QB, potentially second string for four games pending the never ending saga of Deflategate. With major needs at RB, WR, LB, and OT, the pick just doesn’t make any sense, especially because Brissett is the same age as Garoppolo and doesn’t add any extra upside.  

Other Storylines

Connor Cook’s Fall

Connor Cook’s fall came to the surprise of many. He has decent strength and accuracy. What he lacks in his overall game he makes up for in his play action skills and his deep ball accuracy. The feel among experts is that behind closed doors, coaches and players from Michigan State had less than stellar reviews for their starting QB. If you can’t get your team to buy into you as a QB, success is hard to come by and Cook’s leadership issues seem to be his biggest problem.


Ohio State’s Record Performance

Ohio State had ten players selected in the first 3 rounds setting a record for most players taken from a school in rounds 1-3. Ohio State has been dominant over the past three years and they’re ability to produce pros in ridiculous amounts. This makes Ohio State an even bigger destination for high school players – look for the majority of their players selected in the first three round to make an impact next year


Texans Go All In On Offense

The Texans had a great first three rounds. They added Will Fuller in the first round, Nick Martin in the second and Braxton Miller in the third. Outside of DeAndre Hopkins, last year, the Texans had a horrific receiving corps that struggled to create separation. With the addition of Fuller, one of the fastest player in the draft and en elite deep threat, and Miller the Texans now have an intriguing young group that can make plays. Martin will help along the line protecting Osweiler and opening up lanes for Lamar Miller and the Texans could be a very talented offense next year.


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