The Boston Bruins Hate Me

Well, this move was it. This is the straw that broke the camel’s back. Today, the Bruins resigned defenseman Kevan Miller to a four year contract worth $10 million ($2.5 million annually). And that, my friends and my readers, is it.

This is where I’ve totally convinced myself that I’ve done too much sinning over the last few years, and God is getting me back by plaguing Bruins management via the use of boneheaded personnel decisions. Seriously though, these guys are completely, utterly incompetent. And that’s coming from someone who likes Miller, too. I get he’s a grinder. I get that you can’t expect all of your defensemen to be All Star-caliber. But he’s a bottom pairing type of guy who makes his name known because he’s tough. He isn’t skilled, he doesn’t contribute in the offensive end, and he’s useless in his own zone. He’s basically a clone of Adam McQuaid, who, ironically enough, might get the axe in order for this to happen. You can’t overpay one Adam McQuaid, which they already do – there’s no reason to overpay Darth Quaider 2.0, too.

It’s these kind of contracts that have gotten the Bruins into this rut of NHL purgatory. I mean, really, over half the teams in the NHL make the playoffs. The Bruins, based on the market, core, and experienced coaching (except for Doug Jarvis, who inexplicably won’t be returning to Causeway Street), shouldn’t have an issue getting into the playoffs. But when you have a ton of expensive dead weight on your roster, you don’t leave Claude Julien with any margin for error, and error has become a pretty consistent thing to see on the Garden ice over the past few seasons.

At first, I liked Don Sweeney. I thought he was the man for the job. He dumped the contracts of Reilly Smith (who turned it around real quick in Florida), Milan Lucic, and Marc Savard. He avoided paying Dougie Hamilton, who may or may not develop into a great defenseman, as his first campaign in Calgary leaves a lot of people doubting him. But then he replaces them with Matt Beleskey (a personal favorite, but nonetheless underperformed on the stat sheet), Jimmy Hayes and a disappointing draft class. This move is basically him pretending to be Peter Chiarelli, who had some sort of weird, dark, twisted penchant for overpaying players who simply don’t deserve exceptional NHL contracts.

The Bruins make me sad. The Bruins make me hate hockey. Sometimes, I hate the Bruins. And it’s days like this where I think that the Bruins hate me right back.


Cover Photo via Causeway Crowd.


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