My Least Favorite Red Sox Players Ever

A few months ago, I wrote an article about my favorite Patriot players of all time. Jerod Mayo had just retired, which made me reminisce in a positive way because of how much I loved Mayo. But as the seasons, both in terms of the weather and the sport of focus in Boston, have changed, so too has my mood.

Sure, the Red Sox are sitting pretty. They end the month of May in first place in the AL East. However, that doesn’t mean it’s been all sunshine and roses on Yawkey Way. There have been guys who have underperformed. And more specifically, they’re guys who I haven’t liked for a while. So that made me think about who my least favorite Red Sox players are of all time, so I put together another list, because lists are my thing.

Only rule is that I have to have been alive while the player suited up for the Sox – I am not allowed to pick someone pre-1995. If any of you have thoughts, comment below, on social media, or on FanTalk. You can pick in your own lifetime, too.



Mark Bellhorn

Why do people hate Mark Bellhorn? He hit some big homeruns over the course of his career in Boston. He’s a local kid. He was on the 2004 team. And yet I feel like no one likes Mark Bellhorn, even his mom. Maybe it’s because he couldn’t field, or he struck out literally every other time up. Either way, he’s one of those guys that I never ever ever liked under any circumstance, and sorry Mark, I don’t truly have a good reason for you. Thanks for 2004 though.



Julian Tavarez

Julian Tavarez was trash. Literal garbage. An everywhere man (11 teams in 16 years), most likely because no one liked him, he spent 3 full seasons calling Fenway Park home. He went 12-16 while in Boston, splitting time between the bullpen and the starting rotation. He never had an ERA less than 4.40, he gave up 24 homeruns in 101 total games, and he always had a WHIP higher than 1.50. What was that word I used earlier? Oh yeah, that’s right. Garbage.



Alfredo Aceves

Talk about a temper, huh? I mean, he played a pivotal role in a World Baseball Classic brawl; a tournament that is supposed to unite the world peacefully through baseball. I hope Aceves never sees this article, because he might knock my ass out. Aceves was one of those guys who God put on this earth in order to be a long reliever. That’s it. It’s nice that he had some late-inning roles, it’s nice that he made a spot start here and there. That was his mission as a human. But it didn’t matter, he wanted to be a starter more than I want my college loans to disappear. The only difference is that my loans have a better chance at vanishing than he had of being a starter. And that makes Alfredo angry.



Pablo Sandoval

I’ve already wrote about Pablo Sandoval regarding his weight, which is just too easy to pass up. While I didn’t want the Red Sox to go get Josh Donaldson like some other N2K writers did (cough cough TJ, cough cough), I definitely didn’t want Sandoval. I never was a fan of his when he played for the Giants – I just didn’t think he was really that good. And whether you’re good or bad, if you’re not willing to get your jersey dirty or run out a routine ground ball, I’ll just never like you. It doesn’t matter if you’re a pro – Jeter did it. Pedroia does it. Trout does it. Harper does it. It’s about playing the right way. And Sandoval is content stealing Boston’s money and just underperforming completely. He is the unquestioned worst free agent signing in Red Sox history in my book, but he’s a close second to my least favorite player.

And my least favorite Red Sox player ever…


Clay Buchholz

Did he endear himself to me with his no-hitter back in ’07? Yes. Did I hold out faith for a while that he would develop into a #1 starter that would be worth keeping on the Sox instead of trading for Roy Halladay years back? Yes. Do I like to answer my own questions? You betcha.

I haven’t liked Clay since like 2012. And as the years have passed, my disdain has only grown stronger. Clay is not competitive. Clay is selfish. Clay is soft, and has these mysterious injuries that realistically shouldn’t be a big deal. The falling off point was in 2013 when the race for the AL East was still close and the Sox were welcoming the Yankees to Fenway for a weekend series, and Clay was on the DL after starting off the season on a roll. Boston needed him. He claimed he was “95% healthy and ready to go” and proceeded to not pitch in that series. Of course, the stars aligned perfectly and they won a title that year. The point, however, still remains. You think Pedro would’ve skipped that start? Schilling, too? Lackey? Lester? Even Josh Beckett? There’s no chance any of those guys aren’t on the hill. Regardless of how healthy or effective, the fact remains that you can bet your bottom dollar each guy would’ve been out there, ready to go. But not Clay. He doesn’t care about winning. And therefore, I don’t care about him.


What do you think about my rankings? Do you agree? Disagree? Red Sox Nation, let me hear what you think.


Cover photo from Ballparks of Baseball.

Individual photos from The Boston Blogger,,,, and


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