Not Out of the Woods Yet

I read an interesting article earlier this morning by Kyle Porter of CBS Golf. The article was titled “It may be time to consider that Tiger Woods might never return to golf”. In the article, there are many things that are pointed out that made me think. I thought that I’d take a look at the facts and comprehend for myself what might become of one of the greatest athletes of all time.

First, let’s look at his possible return. Tiger hasn’t competed since last August.he registered last month for the US Open at Oakmont this month. I beleive that Tiger will not be back for the US Open. Coming off his surgery he hasn’t even played 18 consecutive holes. There is no way he will come off that and play the toughest tournament of the year on one of the hardest courses in the world. Oakmont is a different beast and it will expose anyone that comes in unprepared. This being said, when does he come back? Tiger has given no timetable for his return and he won’t come back until he is ready. Given he hasn’t played 18 holes since last year, he might be further from a return than we think.

Second, we saw Tiger a few weeks ago at Congressional put 3 balls into the water with a wedge. That display made a lot of people wonder about how close Tiger is to returning. It caused me to think. It’s quite possible that this display was a fluke, or something with wind or distance wasn’t quite comfortable for Tiger but there’s a piece that thinks maybe he didn’t care. Or possibly that he hasn’t been practicing as much as he could be. A 100 yard wedge shot should be easy for Tiger, especially since he been able to practice these shot for a while, unlike a full swing driver for instance. I don’t want to believe that not do I but it has to at least be a thought.

Thirdly, and arguably most alarming are comments he made to the Washington Post. He said this while discussing his recovery and his return. “It’s brutal,” he said. “Do I want to go through that whole process again, of getting back? Some part of me said yes. Some part of me said no, because it is hard.” Tiger admits there is a part of him that doesn’t want to play again. It is one thing for him not being able to play or return due to physical ailments, butif he thinks that and if he has concerns in his head, that has to effect him. Tiger was so strong both physically and mentally, that’s what made him so successful. Now he is showing signs of weakness, and that might point to a possible end. Golf has been Tiger’s life and his whole career has been the quest for 18 majors, Jack Nicklaus’ record. The fact there is a piece of him that doesn’t want that, it scares me.

Not only do I or other golf fans want him to come back but golf as a sport needs him. There is no question that golf would not be where it is today without Tiger. The thought of him possibly hanging up his clubs is a thought that would make every golf fan sad, no matter what there opinion of him is. Looking at some the facts and events since Woods’ surgery can make many people question his health and speculate about his return, or in this case, him not returning. I think however that that is all it is. Tiger will return, when he is ready, and he will be on a mission. But until then, all we can do is wait for his return.


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