It’s All In The Name

I think of Hell as the hottest place in the universe. But yesterday, I think it was snowing down there, because the second hottest place in the universe, Las Vegas, was awarded an NHL team. Nope, I spelled that right. I didn’t mean NFL. Or NBA. Professional, top-tiered hockey is coming to Nevada. Not Quebec City. Not Seattle. Nevada.

Whether a team can financially make it in a “non-traditional environment” or not isn’t the discussion I’m about to get into. Whether or not the NHL should’ve expanded instead of moving Arizona or Carolina isn’t the discussion I’m going to get into. It’s this: the team will most likely be called the Las Vegas Black Knights

…really? THAT’S the best name you could come up with for a pro team in Vegas? Now, I get it. New team owner Bill Foley is a West Point grad and an Army guy. Mr. Foley, thank you for the service to your country. I sincerely, sincerely appreciate it. But I don’t think ‘Black Knights’ makes the best use of the names at your disposal here.

You’ve got the names that have been associated with minor league Vegas hockey before, like the Aces, Outlaws and Gamblers. While all have been taken before, I think they’re good names. As far as names not picked yet, let’s be creative. I think names should be either geographically or historically significant – those make the best mascot. And, Vegas is gambling. So, let’s figure out something clever.

My first, best name suggestion would never happen due to the connotation of it. I think the Las Vegas Addiction has a really, really cool ring to it. But never in a million, billion years would a pro team (or any non-beer league hockey/softball team, for that matter) be called the Addiction.

I also like the Las Vegas Sin, which was the name of the now defunct Lingerie/Legends Football League team. You could go with the Dealers, to make it relevant. If you’re an animals kinda guy, I could reason the Vipers or the Rattlers. Or the Armadillos. Or any desert animal, not that there’s that many to pick from.

Hell, you could pull a Golden State and name the team something that isn’t Las Vegas. Like instead of the Las Vegas Whatevers, use Sin City for their name. The Sin City Demons. I like the sound of that. You could have a sweet setup for whenever they score a goal, they could skate out to Hells Bells… I’m getting myself excited just thinking about this.

I’d get into the logo, too, but that obviously won’t be released until a name is picked. A logo is only as good as a name, though. And nothing against the Black Knights, which is the mascot of my hometown’s athletic teams, but I think that Vegas has a lot of opportunity which would be wasted if a generic name is picked.


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