Revisiting The Pete Rose Situation… Again

Repost from December 14th, 2015 – For only the second time since 1989, Pete Rose filed for reinstatement into the MLB. Rose was banned originally in 1989 from baseball due to his gambling practices including games which he played in. The office of the commissioner has remained tough on this issue and presently, over 20 years later Rose remains banned from baseball for life and therefore banned from the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown.

Current MLB commissioner Rob Manfred rejected the request for reinstatement mainly on the grounds that it doesn’t seem that Pete Rose learned his lesson. Meaning that Rose doesn’t fully understand what he did to the game of baseball itself and isn’t truly sorry for his actions. Currently Rose sometimes works as an analyst for MLB events such as the 2015 World Series and Pete is allowed to continue his occasional work with the MLB in that fashion.

Manfred said that “the considerations that should drive a decision on whether an individual should be allowed to work in Baseball are not the same as those that should drive a decision on Hall of Fame eligibility” and Manfred also went on to say “I respect Mr. Rose’s accomplishments as a player and, as a result, I will continue to allow him to participate in ceremonial activities that present no threat to the integrity of the game”. Hence the rejection of Pete Rose’s proposed reinstatement was centered around his ban on baseball activities and not necessarily his ban on Cooperstown.

Since the Hall of Fame was created as a tourist attraction originally and created for fans I think that it is only fair to have the best players be inducted no matter the circumstances (to an extent). Rose, a 3-time World Series champion and a 17-time All-Star, certainly meets the standards for the Hall. Not to mention his career hits record of 4,256 hits. I believe that Rose will be enshrined into Cooperstown sooner or later, I’m not taking his actions that led to the lifetime ban lightly, but simply from the viewpoint as a fan.

The Hall of Fame has a rocky road ahead of them since more Steroid Era players are becoming eligible each year. With the upcoming ballots we will see how much of an effect certain issues have on a player’s voting and if voters can look past the scandals and focus on production.

So TJ wrote this very good piece back when Pete Rose’s attempted reinstatement into professional baseball was foiled again. Now no, the all-time hit leader has not been reinstated. He’s still not eligible for the Hall. But this weekend’s events in Cincinnati, which culminated in Rose’s #14 being retired officially, makes me revisit this discussion.

Personally, I don’t have an issue with players who did performance-enhancing drugs getting into the Hall of Fame. If I don’t have an issue with that, I can’t possibly reason being anti-Rose, who collected each of his hits fair and square, with no extra additives. I get that gambling almost ruined baseball almost 100 years ago. I get it’s a soft spot. But now? Give the man credit where credit is due.

I couldn’t help but comment. Every time I see Rose in the news, I revisit this issue in my head.


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