Durant Signs With Golden State, Ruins Basketball

After a couple of crazy days of waiting, Kevin Durant has decided to leave Oklahoma City and sign with the Golden State Warriors, and ruin basketball for the next two seasons.

In joining the Dubs, Durant now forms a Big Four with two-time league MVP Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green to create the best starting five in NBA history, regardless of who starts at center. They could realistically play with just those four players and still probably win 50 games.

A starting lineup like that is easily good enough to run through the West and be the favorite for whoever they play in the NBA Finals (most likely Cleveland). San Antonio’s run is over, and OKC just lost one half of their duo.

If you’re a Warriors fan, you’re obviously excited because your team will likely win at least 75 games, but it don’t mean a thing without a ring, and KD is the furthest thing from clutch in the playoffs. Not to mention LeBron James owns an unreal amount of real estate in his head.

For Warriors fans you’ll love watching your team beat everyone by 40 night in and night out, but for the rest of the NBA this sucks. This really sucks. There will be no competitiveness in this league, and it won’t be fun to watch at all. There will be no reason to watch because the results will be forgone. As if the NBA had a talent gap before this move, this just creates more imbalance.

But hey, if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em.

People will compare this move to LeBron leaving Cleveland for Miami, but these were really two different scenarios. There was no way LeBron was going to win a championship with that cast of characters around him, but KD had one of the top five players in the NBA in Russell Westbrook by his side in OKC. Not to mention, the team had just traded Serge Ibaka, who had really regressed the last two seasons, for Victor Oladipo, stretch-four Ersan Ilysova and Domantas Sabonis to join Steven Adams, Andre Roberson and Enes Kanter to form a great team in Oklahoma City.

Durant couldn’t get past Golden State after blowing a 3-1 series lead in the Western Conference Finals and instead of sticking it out like a man with a better team around him he scampers to Golden State to win a ring. There will be a huge asterisk next to any ring KD gets while with the Warriors, even if it’s only a one-and-done type deal.

The pursuit of fraudulent rings won KD over in the end, even though Boston brought out all the stops, including bringing in Tom Brady (a.k.a. God) to the meeting and having numerous Boston athletes jump on the bandwagon to try and get KD to Boston. Including David Ortiz, Isaiah Thomas and Julian Edelman, who sent out tweets, texts and even sporting a Durant Celtics jersey.

The allure of the famously loud and obnoxious fans from Boston also weren’t enough to appease Durant. So instead of loving KD, the entire fan base of the Celtics hates his guts, as they and the rest of the league should.

So thank you Kevin Durant. Thank you for ruining the NBA and making it a league nobody will want to watch. Thank you for spurring Boston and a team that could have won a championship if you didn’t choke.  Thank you for being a complete copout and proving everybody right that you are soft mentally. Have fun in Golden State with Steph, Draymond, and Klay, and I hope you never win a championship.


Cover Photo via CBSSports


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