Federal Court Rejects Tom Brady’s En Banc Appeal

I’m sure you’ve heard by now that Tom Brady’s Federal Court bid for the Deflategate appeal has been rejected. Mr. Brady appealed en banc and for those who don’t know all of the legal jargon, en banc means that the person appealing is asking the entire panel on the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals to hear the case instead of the usual three. En banc appeals very rarely get seen by the 2nd US Circuit Court of Appeals and just like numbers suggest, Brady’s attempt also failed to be seen.

Brady has a few options now.

  1. Brady could continue the saga and take the Deflategate case to the US Supreme Court. If Brady were to win or lose at the Supreme Court level, the entire thing would finally be over because what the Supreme Court decides is final. Challenging the NFL to the Supreme Court could be a smart move since it will seemingly prove his innocence regardless of the outcome since he is willing to go as far as he has gone to clear his name. But obviously if he were to lose that ‘proof’ of innocence definitely won’t be as strong. Brady has added some lawyers with Supreme Court backgrounds to his legal team so it appears that Tom and Company are prepared to do battle. Also, just to clarify this case is not about necessarily whether or not Brady did what he has been punished for but whether or not he was treated fairly by the league and their offices.
  2. Brady could accept his punishment or try to settle via a plea bargain with Roger Goodell. Goodell actually is refusing to settle with Tom because…. well nobody really knows why, maybe since is too sensible of an option for the commish, I’m not sure. If Brady were to accept the punishment and sit out the first four games, the Patriots would most likely still win the East and Brady would probably lead the Patriots to another AFC Championship or more. I think I understand why Brady doesn’t want to accept the penalty and I’m not putting words in his mouth but if I were to assume it is mainly for three reasons. First, Brady would miss four games of football. This might sound small but Tom adores the game of football and he knows not to take the game for granted so watching from the sidelines for four games will make him eager to return and make up for what he’s lost. But if the Patriots were to miss out on a seeding, a bye or even a playoff spot that could’ve taken them to the promised land due to those first four games, that will definitely take its toll on Mr. Brady. Second, it isn’t lost on Brady how he earned his job. I am in NO way, shape or form saying that Jimmy G will earn the starting quarterback job over Brady but to play devil’s advocate that is also what they said about Bledsoe when he went down after just signing a big contract yet here we are. Third, taking the four game penalty would prove his guilt to all of the Patriot and Brady-haters that inhabit the world. Not that he couldn’t take a few more haters to add to his resume, the glare from his four rings makes it hard to notice them anyways.tbrings.jpg
  3. I’ve heard a few people saying that TB12 should retire and that’ll stick it to Goodell but I for one think that is absurd, scratch that INSANE. If Brady were to retire, Goodell wins. If Brady retires, the AFC East wins. If Brady retires, the NFL wins. If Brady retires, Peyton Manning wins (if it had anything to do with the postseason, he probably still wouldn’t but hey). If Brady retires, we lose. Bottomline, retiring is NOT the answer. I’ve already written the words ‘Brady’ and ‘retires’ too often for my liking so I’m done speaking on the topic.

When all is said and done, Tom Brady is still and will always be a purebred winner and a little Supreme Court case won’t change that.


Just for the record, Tom Brady took another pay cut with his most recent extension. Brady will make just $1 million dollars in base salary for each of the next two seasons and is under contract until he is 41 years young.

Cover Photo via Sporting News

Photo via North End Waterfront

GIF via giphy


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