The Next Two-Sport Athlete?

Every time Tim Tebow sneezes, it makes national news. That’s just how much of a public figure he is. But today, he’s made news for making the decision to try to pursue a career in professional baseball, seemingly abandoning his mission to make a comeback in the NFL.

Since he hit national spotlight, Tebow has been one of the most polarizing athletes in the world. People seem to either love him or hate him, though I myself sit in that gray area. I’ve never been a Tebow fan – I rooted against him during his college days in Florida simply because they were always the favorite. I’ve never disliked him, though, because as a person, I never found him worthy of being disliked. I never thought he could make it as a viable starting NFL quarterback.

Tebow has made his name for being humble, a great teammate, an exemplary man of faith, and a winner. That basically seems like the reasons why the people who like him, like him. This is my take though. Whether or not #15 was a good quarterback (and he was not), he could’ve remained in pro football for a long time. Once drafted in the first round purely because of the influence of his name, you can’t tell me a team wouldn’t have been willing to sign him for the pure fact that he would’ve sold tickets, jerseys and other merchandise.

I get he won a playoff game, even if his overtime touchdown pass to Demariyus Thomas was the receiver doing all the work. But don’t forget he got shellacked in the second playoff game that season in New England, losing 45-10. I get he got forced out of Denver unfairly. But don’t forget it was because Denver had a chance to sign Peyton friggin’ Manning, who, coming off an injury or not, is far greater than Tebow could’ve ever dreamed of being.

Just watch his tape from his last training camp appearance with the Philadelphia Eagles. Never mind switching from his first read to his second read, he couldn’t find any read. Tebow just wasn’t a good quarterback at the highest level. Maybe he couldn’t have been a starting quarterback, or even a quarterback period for that matter. But if he switched positions to fullback, tight end, or some sort of hybrid player like so many football experts suggested, he’d be on a team right now.

But he didn’t. It’s honorable to an extent to say that “my dream is to be an NFL quarterback”. Even the best quarterbacks know that sometimes you have to call an audible. Who in their right mind would rather be out of professional football than be in professional football, just in a different position? Especially when you’re talking endorsements out of the ass, like he would inevitably get? I get that he has ‘values’, but this whole baseball pursuit is simply proof that those values are out the window.

If Tebow is pursuing baseball, he’s ended his self-proclaimed, so-called “relentless pursuit” of being an NFL quarterback. Those aren’t my words, those are his when the Patriots released him a few seasons back. All sports are hard, but at the professional level, switching from any sport to baseball is damn near impossible. I know Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders played both, but these sports just simply aren’t even related to one another. Look at Michael Jordan, who struggled to hit .200 in one season at the Double-A level. And that was Michael Jordan for Christ’s sake. The fact that he even reached the Mendoza line is incredible!

But now you’re going to tell me that Tebow will ever even make the Major League level? I’d be shocked if he got to Double-A. The man is almost 30, and he hasn’t played any baseball since his senior year of high school. Baseball isn’t about being in shape as much as it’s being in baseball shape. It’s fundamentals, it’s form, it’s technique, it’s coordination. I’m not saying Tebow doesn’t have those things, but to realistically expect getting these skills back 10+ years after using them is absurd.

Should we see a team sign Tebow, it would be a publicity stunt. I’d expect a team like the Colorado Rockies or the Minnesota Twins or someone like that to sign him for the pure sake of grabbing headlines and stirring excitement among fans. If he can prove me wrong and make a snobby ass out of me, then so be it. All the power to him. I just see this as a publicity stunt. I think Tim Tebow loves the spotlight and will do anything to get people to talk about him.


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