Cleveland: Don’t Make A Deal… Yet

According to ESPN, several teams have contacted the Browns in hopes of acquiring talented-but-suspended wide receiver Josh Gordon via trade. Gordon was recently reinstated in the NFL for his 130,284,338th offense to the league’s substance abuse policy, but he still must sit out the first four contests of the 2016 season.

The Browns have come out already and said the basically don’t want to move the 25-year-old athletic freak. And honestly, right now, who could blame them? Cleveland has generated a lot of buzz from the Cavaliers’ recent championship as well as the run the Indians have been on. Football typically brings sadness to the city every year, and this year shouldn’t be much different. There will be no January football in the city this year, or for at least a couple of more years.

But, as I’ve said, Cleveland is on the right path. They still have the makings to be an interesting team – Kevin has already touched on Robert Griffin III’s comeback, and he’s looked sharp, albeit in preseason action. Either way, his name comes with excitement. The Browns just had an excellent draft, headlined by first-round pick Corey Coleman, who also generates a lot of buzz. Hue Jackson seems to be one of the most ideal coaches to use Gordon’s skill set to its fullest potential. When he gets back on the field, #12 could literally be a better version of AJ Green, if he isn’t already. If Cleveland won’t be good, they’ll definitely be fun to watch… at least, when they have the ball.

My advice to Paul DePodesta¬†who probably wouldn’t listen to me anyways because he’s smarter and has a movie partially based on his life? Deal Gordon after the season. I wouldn’t trade Gordon now because, as big as the haul for him would be, he’s still got questions. Gordon has repeatedly been suspended for the same exact thing, so he’s not too good at learning from his mistakes.

No one doubts his talent currently, but put him on a field with RG III for 12 games? His value skyrockets. Sports are a “what have you done recently for me” type of industry, and another 1,500+ yard, 12+ touchdown season would remind teams just how good he is… enough that new teams might throw their hats in the ring, while existing suitors would only up their offers. You could get teams to think about trading half their frickin’ roster for the man.

If he doesn’t perform? If the packages aren’t worth your while? Keep him. It’s no skin off your nose if you’re going to have a top-tiered receiver in his mid-20s with a rebuilding team. He’d still be in his prime by the time the Browns would be ready to make a jump into relevancy.

Don’t trade Gordon yet, Paulie. Wait until next August.


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