NFL Teams Set to Surprise the League

The preseason is coming to an end, and the first weekend of college football is officially starting, but we still have to wait for real NFL action. The preseason is nice and all but you don’t get to see the full intensity  that comes with the regular season, and you cannot find out how good or bad your team really is. Your team may go 4-0 or 0-4, but until they get on the field for games that truly matter, no one can truly know how good they are. So without further ado, here are my teams that will surprise the NFL this year.

Dallas Cowboys: This pick is a little biased I won’t lie. I love Dez Bryant, he is one of my favorite receivers in the league, as well as rookie Ezekiel Elliott. Plus, their uniforms are saucy, but they lost QB Tony Romo, who was an MVP candidate his last healthy season.  They also have a shaky defense that sees little improvement from year to year. So how will this team have a good season? Well, they have the best offensive line in football, and as a result can run the ball down your throat and control the clock. Bryant will also be back this season, and he has an easier time scoring touchdown than any other receiver in the league. The big difference maker, however, is Dak Prescott, who had a promising preseason. The Cowboys QBs were terrible last season. They couldn’t complete a pass to an uncovered receiver in practice, but that’s not the case this year. Prescott is no Romo, but he can take care of the ball and make the throws he has to keep this season alive. No one in the NFC East has an overly talented roster, and America’s Team could find themselves in position to win the conference towards the end of the regular season.

Denver Broncos: The Denver Broncos are the reigning Super Bowl champions  with arguably the best defense in football so how are they going to surprise the NFL, you ask? TREVOR SIEMIAN. No team with this guy as quarterback should make the playoffsTrevor-Siemian-has-shot-to-start-for-Denver-Broncos(No offense, but he’s just not that talented for an NFL QB).

The thing is they’re gonna make the playoffs and they still could be Super Bowl contenders. Aqib Talib, Bradley Roby, and Chris Harris Jr. would each be the top corner on at least half the teams in the NFL  and they all play together making it extremely hard for opposing offenses to find space in the passing game. It also helps that they have one of the better middle linebackers in Brandon Marshall and a consistently disruptive pass rush led by Von Miller and Derek Wolfe. Once again, this defense will make the Broncos one of the scarier teams in the NFL.

Cleveland Browns: Before you start saying that I’m dumb and that the Browns are terrible and nothing good can happen in Cleveland ,think about what they have done this offseason: added a oft-injured and controversial but talented quarterback, signed one of the best QB coaches and offensive minds as their head coach, and saved money. The Browns may actually know what they’re doing. They’re not a playoff team by any stretch of the imagination, but they could give teams some serious problems. Josh Gordon comes back Week 5 and can be a matchup nightmare, they also have two talented backs in Duke Johnson and Isaiah Crowell who will be running behind a line that has some very talented pieces. If RGIII can stay healthy, this offense will be better than expected, and with Joe Haden hoping to play a full season, the defense may be able to rally behind their leader and have some great upset wins this years.

Tennessee Titans: This is a very young team with some major pieces missing. Their secondary is a major question mark and the defense as a whole isn’t much better, but players have been known to over achieve before. What really makes this team so interesting is their offense. Led by the flyin’-Hawaiian Marcus Mariota, Titans fans should look forward to the offense this year. Head Coach Mike Mularkey has already said Mariota will be much more involved in the running attack, which was not seen last year.  If he starts playing like his days back in Oregon, defenses have to be worried. He also has Demarco Murray, who should have resurgence this year, and the complete freak of nature known as Derrick Henry joining him in the backfield, making a three headed rushing attack that will wear down defenses. And for those of you thinking teams need to throw the ball to win, well, don’t worry. Delanie Walker is more than capable of being a primary target for his young QB. UMass product Tajae Sharpe has looked like one of the top rookies throughout training camps and preseason. Believe it or not, this team has a real shot at coming in second for the AFC South and grabbing a wild card spot in the playoffs.


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