TebowMania to Queens

The Tim Tebow ‘sweepstakes’ (sweepstakes? Is that too strong a word?) have officially ended. The New York Mets signed Tebow to a minor league deal, announced this morning by ESPN, which seems to be more biased towards him than Fox News is biased towards Republicans.

I’ve given you my thoughts on why I think Tim Tebow will never amount to a successful, major league-caliber ballplayer. He will not be able to hit pitching in the lower levels of the minor league. He looked awkward in the field, which some chalk up to rust, but I call lack of general mechanics. I mean, after all, he didn’t have good mechanics in football, which was supposed to be his sport. And everyone knows that only Hunter Pence is allowed to look unorthodox in the Majors.

Either way, Tebow will make a big name, sell some jerseys in spring training or for some minor league club. You can probably already find them on Ali Express on some other illegitimate website. Expect this baseball experiment to last one year, two tops, before you see him back to calling college football on ESPN.


Cover photo from USA Today.

GIFs from amazingavenue.com, USA Today.


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