NFL Week 1 Fantasy Recap

Crazy NFL Week 1, couldn’t have asked for a better one (Maybe not have Rams vs. 49ers on MNF?). A lot happened this Week 1, with many of the games being as close as one point. Fantasy football got off to a great start as well. While it was great for me personally (1-0 Baby!!), it may not have been great for everyone else.

Keenan Allen is out for the year with an ACL injury, which is brutal to many fantasy teams that gambled on him with a top pick. Adrian Peterson had a rather lackluster opening game with only 31 rushing yards. Also, it seemed that the running game overall took backseat for this week 1. Let’s dive in and see which of my picks worked out/were busts, and who surprised Week 1.


The Good

  • Andrew Luck has to be least appreciated QB in all of football. How can you put up 385 yards and 4 TDs and still lose? I hope that defense can give Luck some help in the future because Luck could be having a monster season after a tough season due to injuries. 36 Points
  • Drew Brees recently signed a two year extension to stay with the Saints, and clearly was for a good reason. Willie Snead and Brandin Cooks could end up being the best WR tandem in the league. by season’s end. Brees opened up with a 423 yard game and 4 TDs. Brees shows no signs of fading , unfortunately the Saints have the same issues as always on defense. 31 Points
  • Big Ben lit it up last night on MNF. Can’t believe they didn’t have Norman one-on-one all night against Brown. They basically were just asking for the Steelers offense to tear them up. There may not be an answer to what Roethlisberger and Brown bring to the table. 22 Points (MY PICK)

The Surprisers

  • Alex Smith is not someone I’m going to trust going forward. With that being said, hell of a day out of Alex Smith on Sunday. A lot of the credit is due to Spencer Ware carrying the load, bur 363 yards and 3 total TDs is not something you often see out of Smith. He definitely surprised me this week after their ballsy comeback against the Chargers. 28 Points
  • Matthew Stafford is not going anywhere. I heard a lot that Stafford could be a dark horse this season as a top fantasy QB. Well, no Calvin Johnson, no problem. Run game doesn’t seem to be an issue either, so I’ll be keeping an eye on Stafford going forward. 26 Points
  • Jameis Winston is no joke. The second year for a QB is said to be the hardest because teams are able to adjust to them. Winston has that hanging over his head, while also dealing with a brand new head coach. Whatever they’re doing for him over there it  seems to be working. 26 Points



The Good

  • C.J. Anderson is going to be lightning rod for the Broncos offense. Trevor Siemian had tough time against the Panthers defense. Yet, if Anderson is able to be a workforce like he was Thursday, Siemian should have an easier time being a game manager. Anderson could be a huge producer this year and I’ll be watching. 26 Points
  • Carlos Hyde produced in a rather boring MNF game. Other than Kaepernick being in the news, this 49ers team really doesn’t interest me too much. Hyde is a fresh face on an offense that features the likes of Blaine Gabbert (how is he still on an NFL team?) and Torrey Smith. Hyde scored 2 TDs to carry the SF offense. I like Hyde a lot and he’ll have fun in the new Chip Kelly offense in San Francisco. 21 Points
  • David Johnson remained somewhat quiet until late in the game, which made me happy as a Pats fan. Unfortunately, he eventually did breakout a big run and remained a threat in the pass game. David Johnson is probably my favorite RB in the NFL fantasy wise. I love his potential in PPR and wish that I had him on my own team. I think Johnson could be the highest scoring fantasy RB by the time the season is over. 19 Points

The Surprisers

  • DeAngelo Williams is someone that I honestly thought was a fluke last year. I wasn’t giving him much attention before the season, but I thought he would be a good filler until Bell came back. Well that might not end up being the case. Williams might take Bell’s job for good. Or at least, take a lot of his touches away from him. Williams tore it up with 143 rushing yards and 2 TDs. Whoever grabbed Williams late in draft is probably laughing at us Bell suckers right now. 29 Points
  • Spencer Ware is doing the exact same thing Williams is to Jamal Charles. Now to preface this, Charles was for two years my top pick and carried a lot of the workload for my fantasy teams. With that said, I really hope Ware doesn’t take the job from Charles, but with 70 rush yards and 129 receiving yards, he’s going to make it hard on the Chief’s coaching staff. Regardless, great week out of Ware. 26 points
  • Theo Riddick/Ameer Abdullah is easily the biggest surprise this week. These guys combined for 108 rush yards and 120 receiving yards, along with 3 TDs. Now I have always looked at the Lions as a pass first team and relying heavily on their receivers. I may be wrong about that, but this duo has dynamic potential. Not one, but two RBs that are dual threat is going to be deadly for this Lions offense. 41 Points Total



The Good

  • Brandin Cooks has been living up to the hype since halfway through last season. Brees and him have found a connection, which seems to be heading in the direction of Brown and Green type connection with their QBs. With 143 yards and 2 TDs, Cooks ran away from all other WRs in fantasy. 27 Points
  • Antonio Brown is unstoppable at WR. Doesn’t matter who is covering him week to week, Brown is going to consistently put up big numbers in fantasy. 25 Points (MY PICK)
  • A.J. Green is someone that is more than capable of challenging Brown in fantasy production. What I’ve come to find with Green is the inconsistency at QB with Dalton. He’s so frustrating at times because there will be games he completely ignores Green. When he has big games though, they are HUGE games, including this week against Revis Island himself. Shame on you Revis. 24 points


The Surprisers

  • Willie Snead shocked me this week. He’s another guy I thought would be a one hit wonder from last year. Maybe contributing here and there, but largely being overshadowed by Cooks’ abilities. Now, though, Snead and Cooks have me thinking Brees could break some of his own records this year. Snead should see action like this again next week against the Giants. 23 Points
  • Jordan Matthews is someone you should be happy to have on your team if you snagged him late in a draft. Carson Wentz doesn’t seem like he’ll need too much time to adjust to being the starter, which makes me excited to see what Matthews can do. Without much competition at his position, and Ertz possibly being out, Matthews will get plenty of targets week-to-week. 17 Points (MY PICK)
  • Will Fuller is the standout rookie for me this week. I didn’t expect much from him considering the presence of Deandre Hopkins, which probably was the reason he did so well. I don’t know how defenses are going to cover both of these guys if Fuller can produce this much while most of the attention is given to Hopkins. Love the potential though from Fuller. 17 Points



A rather rough week overall at the TE position. In future weeks if someone really stands out I’ll talk about it a little bit. Julius Thomas, Eric Ebron, and Dwayne Allen all had solid weeks.


That’s it for the recap of the top fantasy performers of Week 1. Stay tuned for the Fantasy Preview for Week 2. Until then, good luck in all your fantasy football endeavors.

Cover Photo via Wallpaper Cave



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