The Final Pick

Dear Davis,

Us Americans have been waiting for this upcoming competition for 4 years now. The Ryder Cup is back on U.S soil but unfortunately it belongs to Europe. We want revenge. Medinah is well behind us but it is in the back of every golf fan’s head, especially all the American’s who were there like me. I am patiently waiting for that moment, when on a brisk Sunday in Minnesota the team will be hugging, high-fiving and possibly even crying (I am looking at you Zach Johnson) when Team USA lifts the trophy. But before that point is possible, the final pick must be made.

The first three picks, Fowler, Kuchar and Holmes, were all deserving but they were also on the conservative side. That kind of thinking is what has won one Ryder Cup since the turn of the century however. We need something drastic, we need something polarizing, we need someone who can change the whole dynamic of the team room and o the course. There is only one man in the world who can do that…

Tiger Woods of the United States gestures to a fan to be quiet from the fifth green during first round play at the WGC Bridgestone Invitational golf tournament in Akron

Thats right, pick Tiger. Don’t get me wrong, there are numerous players that deserve a pick over Tiger. The things Tiger brings to the team however outweigh anything the other candidates could bring. Picking Tiger would bring so much more attention to the game and to the event and it would make it must-see TV. The atmosphere would be incredible. The buzz he would provide and the energy he would bring to the crowd can’t be questioned. Tiger has been hard at work as an assistant captain and he is fully prepared for the course and the opponent, Team Europe, and what each of their players brings to the table. It would bring a whole different dynamic to the team room as well. He could be such a valuable asset to the younger guys as well as some the older ones. We have heard Phil comment on how impressed he was with Tiger and how prepared Tiger is for it with all the strategy and possible pairings. It is evident that Tiger cares as much as anyone else, if not more, about the United States winning this year.

Also, Tiger might not necessarily be as bad of a player as people think. It is clear that he is healthy enough to play, he is scheduled to play in Safeway Classic less than two weeks later. I also believe his game is good enough shape to compete. After all, it was Tiger who said “Why go to a tournament if you are not going there to win”.  All you have to do is just play him in two matches, Foursomes on Friday morning and then in the singles matches. Pair him with DJ or Reed and you have a decent chance of picking up a point in foursomes. Plus that will set the tone for the rest weekend, not only for the fans, but also for the players. Just think about what players like Reed and Spieth can do if they get a chance to talk and hang out with the greatest golfer of all time before a match. I can’t imagine they wouldn’t be fired up to go kick some European butt. Even in the singles matches, if he can draw a player like Thomas Pieters or someone who isn’t playing great right now like Westwood, then he has a chance. At worst he goes 0-2, and it would be most likely he could go 1-1 and split his matches. There’s no guarantee you would get anything more out of Watson, Berger, Thomas or Moore. So honestly, what do you have to lose? When its all said done,  when the USA comes out on top, it could be one of the greatest coaching decisions of all time, in any sport. It would be one of the most iconic moments in recent memory, especially if he can find a way to earn a point for the US.

It is up to you Davis, we need a hero, we need Tiger.


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