NFL Week 4 Fantasy Preview




Cam Newton against Falcons

Newton was due to be on this fantasy preview at some point. Even though he’s playing in Atlanta, Newton is going to tear apart the Falcons. Last week the Falcons came out with an important win against the Saints and showed that they are a team to be weary of. At the same time, their defense is just not going to be able to keep up with Cam Newton’s dual threat nature. The Falcons are the second worst team so far this year against QBs and are also in the top five worst teams against RBs. With their lackluster performances in the pass and run game, we should see some flashes of MVP Newton.

Phillip Rivers against Saints

Once again, the Saints are playing a gun-slinging QB and he ends up in my preview. Matt Ryan proved last week that even if a QB’s numbers may be down, playing the Saints defense is an easy way to get back on track. To be fair, they aren’t the worst team against QB’s, they are just consistently bad enough in pass defense that I trust Rivers in this game. Even without Keenan Allen, he’s put out solid performances against the Jaguars and Colts, throwing 4 TDs in the game agains the Jaguars. Look out for Travis Benjamin in this game. Also, Melvin Gordon will receive plenty of touches, which I will discuss further in the preview.


Blake Bortles against Colts

Bortles has had a disappointing start to the season, but I still have faith (Maybe it’s just because he’s on my fantasy team). The Colts are the right time for him to get a win and put out a performance worthy of his caliber. It starts with the run game, which the Colts have perennially been awful at defending. If Yeldon is able to assert himself early and take some heat off of Bortles, he has a great game. By great, I believe he’s capable of 4 TDs and 300+ passing yards in this game. Being at home helps as well.


Ezekiel Elliot against 49ers

I’ve been so resistant to buying into the Zeke hype. I wanted to first see a firm commitment by the Cowboys that he would be RB 1, and after getting 30 touches last week against the Bears, I believe that has happened. This pick doesn’t even have too much to do with the 49ers defense, but how much the Cowboys are tailoring their play calling for Zeke. Prescott has definitely benefited so far from Zeke taking a lot of the workload. Should be an awesome game if you love RBs, Carlos Hyde will be all over the place too.

Melvin Gordon against the Saints

I wish I had drafted Gordon. Ever since the Allen injury, they’ve begun to integrate him into the pass game which makes Gordon who is already a dynamic RB even more attractive in PPR. The Saints are the worst defense by far when it comes to defending RBs and this matchup is just begging Gordon to score like 30 fantasy points. Catching 3-4 passes can only help too.


Spencer Ware against the Steelers

What happened to the elite Steelers defense? Being in the top five worst defenses against RBs doesn’t seem Steeler-like. Regardless, the Chiefs are primed to run all over the Steelers. The only question keeping Ware being an elite option this week is whether Charles will be starting this week. If he’s not, put Ware in immediately. If he is, I wouldn’t touch either RB. Ware is a no brainer if you are in PPR.


Julian Edelman against the Bills

Doesn’t matter who’s starting at QB, the Patriots will always dominate the Bills when at home. I hope Jimmy G is able to step in this week, but whoever it is Julian Edelman will be produce this week. Whether he is the QB himself doesn’t matter. Edelman, to me, is the leader of the offense when Brady isn’t around. The offense will feature plenty of Edelman this week.

Demaryius Thomas against the Buccaneers

It really is about time that Thomas gets some recognition on the preview. Despite constant shifting of QBs, Thomas remains his consistent self. Last week showed some progress between him and Seimian. Their matchup against the Buccaneers is a great one, they are the third worst team against WRs this season. The relationship Thomas has with Seimian still needs to grow, but Thomas is so good that it doesn’t matter. Big game from Thomas against the Buccaneers.


Terrelle Pryor against the Redskins

It’s been a long time for Pryor to get to where he is now. I remember when he got released from the Raiders after he decided to be a WR. I honestly did not expect to Pryor be playing still in the NFL at this point, not to mention actually producing for a team. Well, here he is with the Browns and with Gordon officially going to rehab, it’s Pryor’s job to lose. The Redskins do not have a good pass defense, despite the acquisition of Norman, and Pryor is a literal swiss army knife. He can run, pass, and catch so I don’t see the Redskins being able to stop that.


Greg Olsen against the Falcons

Greg Olsen is an easy choice for top TE this week. Last week against the Vikings, he caught six passes for 64 yards, which is really good considering the strong start the Vikings defense has had. The Falcons defense is a polar opposite to the Vikings’. Newton has to give the ball to someone to score all of his fantasy points this week, and Olsen is going to be that guy.

Coby Fleener against the Chargers

I was starting to wonder if Fleener was going to show up at all for the Saints. He finally broke out last week against the Falcons, and in a big way. He caught seven passes for 109 yards and 1 TD, which I see happening often with who he has at QB. It helps that this week he faces another team that is weak in pass defense. Only time will tell if Brees and him actually have chemistry , and that last week wasn’t just a fluke.


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