The Most Talented (And The Mentally Softest) In The Game

I’m sitting here in theology class right now, reading ESPN. I’m in the process of taking notes, but I’m just going to get this out there before I forget:

I despise Odell Beckham Jr. I despise him. I’ve commented on this before, but his latest antics just prove why he’s one of the most hatable players in the NFL.

This time, after being a part of a loss to the Vikings on Monday Night Football, OBJ went out and wanted to say how he’s a “targeted player“. What does this moron think he’s talking about? He thinks he’s a victim? Was he even involved in the same game that I watched last night?

More specifically, Beckham Jr. was going after Minnesota cornerback Xavier Rhodes. They played physical, and Rhodes got the better of OBJ, holding the Giants star to 23 receiving yards. There were a couple of plays where the two were jawing at each other, which is nothing new in a receiver-cornerback battle.

Most notably, after Rhodes hit Beckham close to the sideline, #13 jumped up and got in his face, which warranted an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty. To be fair, OBJ had a foot out of bounds, but it was a play that happened fast; to have thrown a flag on Rhodes would’ve been soft, especially since football is, believe it or not, still a contact sport. Instead of a gain, the Giants lost yardage in a possession that eventually led to a punt.

This comes one week after OBJ became an internet sensation for losing a fight with a practice net and crying because of Josh Norman (who didn’t even do that well in covering Beckham Jr.). The two already have a pretty negative history.


OBJ is weak and he’s unaccountable. He might’ve said in that interview that he has to be smarter, but realistically, if you say that and follow it up with “I’ll draw a flag if I tie my shoes wrong”, you’re not really accountable. I’m sorry you’re mentally soft. I’m sorry you think you’re bigger than the game. But as talented as OBJ is, if he can’t keep control, he hurts the Giants more than he helps them. And he doesn’t even care.

He dismissed his coach’s criticism last week by saying he, “plays emotional”. Almost everyone plays emotionally. If you let them boil over into stupid penalties, it’s playing stupid. He’s as immature as it gets, and it’s no surprise that he has just as many people hating him as a football player as fans.

If he wants to rank among the all-time greats (which he unquestionably has the pure talent to do so), then he has to wise up and just play football.


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